Minimum Amount $$$?

Got a call from a company that maintains a chain of stores around the country and was asked to give them a qoute on a store. Went by the store and they had two decent size windows and two doors. Would of qouted him about $15 for it because they were calling me. But I know some of the window guys around here have a minimun. So I said what the heck. It’s $25. He said sounds good and is going to email me a work order to do the job monthly. Do you guys have a minimum on your store front work? Might just do it for people that call for a qoute.

Ours is $10 < — its way to low. Its something I need to fix this winter.

ours is $10ish but if there’s a like a $40 job I’ll do the shop right next door for $8 if that’s the count. I have a chain of accounts that run along the coast, about a 200 miles North to South stretch, that are $16 each and I purposely accepted that so I could expand around those…so if there’s growth potential then I’d break even, not for long though. I do’em once a month and have a lot of other accounts around them, but some are completely out of the way and almost not worth while, but it reminds me of a video game I used to play “command and concur”…you start off small in one spot and expand and expand some more, then you expand to many other smaller areas and expand those places till you have a empire. I’m expanding those small, almost not worth while areas, to profitable routes. I just started them, but in a year I should be happy.

$10 minimum.

Lots of competition (I’m not a part of it) at the $0.50 per pane per side level here.

Sounds good. Yeah im hoping to get other stores in the area to expand my route. If I can get a Store in Sav. GA. The biggest city near by about a 30 min drive from me. Should be able to put together a decent route out there.

I have a $15.00 minimum on storefront work. Not worth my time for anything less than that.:wink:

$10 min. + tax. 10 really isn’t worth anything until you have enough work in the area. I don’t like starting in a new area with only a $10 account but you have to start somewhere. Do you guys charge sales tax or include it in your pricing? I add it on and some people have a hard time accepting that a window cleaner has to collect sales/use tax on commercial in MD.

$25 for me, but I don’t go after storefront accounts. I only do it if they call me.

Bring a copy of the law/regulation/ordinace/whatever and present it to your customers.

I add sales tax to some. Only over $50 do I consider it because most places under that pay cash, so it’s quick easy and no checks to wait for…people who make me wait get taxed like Pier 1 Imports :mad:

Aren’t you in effect discounting your price by the sales tax % when you don’t collect it on under $50 and cash accounts?

Or, do you have the sales tax % built into your price on those already?

ummm…It’s built in for those. As I’m sure you understand and I’m really learning this right now, not waiting for checks is best. I’d rather get $20 when I’m done with the job then wait 20-30 days for $21.20 and they could get behind and then I call or write a letter and then so on and etc… Plus when you send a letter the cost of the paper, ink, envelopes and stamps is also something to consider and PLUS you may have to write another letter and possibly do this again and again for other accounts…and by then you’ve spent that tax money just trying to get them to pay and you’re frustrated! cash is good:)

We have a $50 minimum.

I’ve got away with $50 for 2 windows + door with window above it, in & out, before. 5 minute job.

So, you’ve had to chase money?

I must be fortunate in hiring the right customers. :smiley:

not chase. My general statement was cash was better, and I explained in detail.

That’s awesome.

I have no route customers who pay in cash, so I can’t agree with your general statement.

can you disagree?

Yes, but to be fair I really should have the cash experience to compare and contrast. Correct?

maybe, but I’m sure you can do good enough job of imagining what it would be like to get cash to form an opinion.