I’ve got 25 of these locations, 18"by 48" mirrors. They all have to be nose to glass 2x a year maybe quarterly. Which means from a step ladder and shop vac the ledge above. Where would you be on price. Per pane? I’m thinking like 5 bucks, for some reason, mirrors seem to be way harder to get right over Windows.
Edit: pics…

Mirrors show blemished cleaning way more than windows do; that whole reflection thing.
So vacuum top edges, probably best to Sprayway, squeegee, towel detail the mirrors…Might bump a wee bit more than $5?

I clean close to 60 mirror surfaces per week and I spray them with 3M Glass Cleaner, wipe with applicator then squeegee. That product builds an anti/fogging seal with repeated applications, maybe best to apply heavy the first time.

I think mirrors are easier to clean than Windows due to no delayed seepage from seals and minimal frame wiping.

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Thanks for the quick replies guys as always.

This. I wish. These are like 30 40 years old and have a top trim piece of polished stainless that has a gap. And it does do the prolonged seepage thing. Nightmare compared to Windows. Is sprayway available retail? I don’t have time to wait on shipping.

Sprayaway is on the shelf at Home Depot and Lowes. They also carry a couple other foaming glass cleaners. Not sure if there is much difference in any of them.

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Sprayway is at Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, even Publix Grocery and Dollar General carry it.
I like it for mirrors because it is a foaming cleaner and greatly reduces the risk of getting moisture into the edge of the mirror and behind the glass where liquid can corrode.

I just use my normal solution and have never had problems.

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Forgot to mention they all have spots of overspray on them. Might mention that it took 2 hrs and 45 minutes for 11 pieces.

I get them at Costco. 3 pack of Sprayway for $8-9.

Enough said. Thanks but no. For anyone interested, I ended up invoicing at $5. per. I get a lot of work from these folks and I’ll take a fair price for all of the work instead of scaring them off.


Work solid, and charge HOURLY, particularly when a manager is in house. If they become regulars, charge the median… this will become the ‘per clean’ price.

I wasn’t implying you should use it on this job. Just replying to where you can get it at a cheaper price and not have to wait on shipping.

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wait i just read an earlier post from you that said you found the 3m costly and not that effective. have you changed your mind or what’s up? i have some on hand but stopped using it with the unger pads i got.

I have been using 3M Glass Cleaner on my bathroom mirrors every day since that post and have observed the anti-fogging after I shower. I will keep testing at the buildings I clean then post findings in a couple of weeks. @cactus27

@HBM so right now you spray, scrub with t bar and squeegee?
if you continue using it you should check out the concentrate version $50 for 42 gallons.

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that is the best way, prices should always be “fair” in any "good business deal big or small both should be happy.

Where can I get this? All I found so far was the 12 pack on Amazon?