Most Popular Boars Hair Brush

Looking to buy my first boars hair brush. What is the most popular or best selling brush and why?

I like my RHG hogshair brushes for their scrubbing ability and relative lightweightedness (sorry; I wanted to make up a word like that Alaskan lady who is trying to make alot of money.)

I like RHG brushes also, but my favorite is the Nylon-Boarhair hybrid from **********s. Not the lightest, doesn’t work with every pole, but it’s the best of both worlds.

I’d have to agree w/ Larry. The RHG boars hair are the best.

Hog Hair Ash Wood Wood
great pencil of fan jets that are now inset in the wood and do not stick out anymore.
Vic has the brush from 1 year ago.
Retail $110.00 buy here at wcr.


I have an old boars hair brush laying around. Why get one? They are bulky and heavy. That is why the strip washer
took over in about one year.

I know we should take your word for it because you’re the expert, but what makes it the best? How many types of boars hair are there? What makes one better than the other? How many different ones have you had experience with to make the statement that the RHG one is the best?

I bought a RHG brush earlier this year and it’s the only one me and my guys have ever used so I don’t know what makes one better than another.

Hey Seth, I like the Simpole blondie boarshair brush because the pencil jets work better for me than the RHG pencil jets. But I had to modify it, to get the jets to stay in the wood.

RHG’s jets are inset, which I like. There is less chance of scraping the frames, but the blondie jets give better pressure (spray farther), in my experience.

I have a couple brushes with fan jets, but they don’t work well with the backpack or with my pump. They work excellently with the Eagle RO/DI, though.

I tried to video tape and compare my brushes one day last summer, but the power eating camera didn’t stay on long enough, and I never got it all set up for that again. Blondie won that one hands down, imo. There are a lot of people with more experience than I, but I’m happy to see you looking for all the alternatives. I’m the same way.

Hope this helps,

I’ve used the Simpole boars hair and tried the one another supplier has that fits a variety of poles but the RHG is lighter and has as good if not better scrubbing than the others I’ve used. Of course we all know that best is a subjective term so someone else may feel differently. Oh and I never claimed to be an expert. Just figured I’d give my opinion.

This is about using a water fed pole brush. Not using a brush in place of the strip washer.

Sunshine Services started the thread. I didn’t see him claiming it was about water fed.

I use a hogshair in combination with a phosphoric acid solution for many CCU jobs where construction debris such as concrete, mortar, grout, etc. is present. A strip washer would simply move the debris across the surface of the glass, causing scratches.

The thread is in the [U]Poles / Brushes - WFP Waterfed Pole[/U] forum, so there’s a reasonable chance that he is asking about a water fed pole brush.
Just sayin’.

I bought an RHG boars hair about a month or so ago and have been super happy with it. I find it does a better job of scrubbing than the mono brushes and the final results seem to be more consistent. I don’t have anything to compare it to as it’s the only one if used but I think you would like it.

Good luck with your choice,

Yes…it might help with that. Are you sure phosphoric acid will not loosen the bristles? I remember that some strong chemicals did.
TSP would cause the bristles to fall out after a while, and those brushes were always expensive.

This is the first chance I have had to view this thread after starting it. Yes, it is about water fed brushes. I am currently using a Winspray brush that I modified to have pencil jets. It was the least expensive way for me to test to see if I would like wfp work. If the house has recently been pressure cleaned these brushes work fine, but they just don’t scrub very good. Most threads here seem to indicate a boars hair brush scrubs better than a monofilament brush and that’s why I am looking to buy my first one.

I really appreciate the response and discussion. Looks like RHG might be the more popular choice. I like hearing it is light. Are the bristles the same length on all these brushes? Do the RHG brushes “shed” bristles?

All boars hair brushes will loose some bristles w/ use. It’s important to note also that unlike a nylon brush where you can rinse the glass w/ the brush on it you need to make sure the boars hair is off the glass to rinse. It traps the dirt in it and can redeposit it if it’s not off the glass during a rinse.

Thanks Tony. I have a tendancy to lift the brush anyway. Do you know if the RHG bristles are the same length as the Unger boars hair? Is that what accounts for the weight difference? And does it affect the scrubbing power or longevity of the brush?

I haven’t used the Unger but maybe Alex will see this thread and he could measure the bristles for you.

I have not had any issues, including loosened bristles.

My back-up brush remains unused in it’s original box.