My new business cards

Just picked these up today.

Fantastic! Who designed them? I bet these will make you some money :wink:

They look great!

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You look like you are mad in the first pic.

Those do look good, but the back of the card looks a little bare. Do you offer any add-on services? If so, you might want to list them, as well as your website, on the back.

Atlas Window Cleaning
North Carolina

Negative. He looks focused.

Your opinion and mine should not be his main concern but he did show them to us. He should do a blind survey with his target market. I just call them like I see them. Giving him a virtual pat on the back is worthless. The real value is what his clients think. In this day and time when people have piss poor attitudes you have to get it right. First impressions are everything when dealing with buying clients. He already has one strike against him with a goatee. I personally don’t care what he looks like or how he acts. But 2 NMOT are on his cards with a goatee and appearing to be mad. The rest of the card and him smiling is gold. They are so close to perfection. Why stop when your almost over the mountain?

The last two posts show very clearly that different people will see different things. IMHO if there is ANY chance that someone may be turned off by an aspect of your cards, it’s more profitable to scrap them and make some adjustments.

To me he looks more focused than mad, but if a customer (who is prepared to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars) thinks he looks mad, there goes that client.

Atlas Window Cleaning
North Carolina

because it’s a business card… for a window cleaner. it ain’t that deep bro.

seriously, i think people in the various service industries are beginning to take themselves too seriously. especially when it comes to marketing.

hey cleaner guy: your target client isn’t nearly as concerned with your pitch-perfect marketing angle as you are. as a wise man once told me (and a room full of a hundred other guys)- don’t confuse perfectionism with action. action wins every time, even when it’s not perfect. Bradley acted, nuff said.

One strike against him for having a goatee? That’s a unique critique. I can’t even imagine what you’d say to me if you saw me then hahaha

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts

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Well said. Maybe not perfection. However one must reduce as many NMOT and have as many PMOT’s associated with any action to be effective and lasting.

No way he gets a strike for a goatee . Maybe he should have a pic of him smiling, because it just looks more friendlier instead of … What ever you want to call it , focus , or angry .
Rob Allan Steinbrenner .

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I honestly could care less if he wore a Duck Dynasty beard to his waist. I do know this that upper tier clients prefer clean cut. I will never forget when I asked a group of women their feelings on facial hair esp goatees. They said they never ever saw any man who actually looked better with one. Take it for what it’s worth.

Oh and mustaches they said are just creepy.

Someone just told him he missed a spot. “I’m mad at dirty windows.”

I’d say “Are those girl socks? That one has a pom pom…”

Ah, I’m hispanic and I think it’s in our charter to have a mustache and goatee. I missed the last few meetings, but since my hairline has moved way back and I shave my dome, I thought I should have something in the front to balance it all out.

I’ve had very high end clients, especially older ladies and none of them have been creeped out. I had a few of them just tell me “I’ll leave the door unlocked, I’ll leave a blank check on the counter.”

This is interesting. I always wonder about the results of these informal focus polls.

My suspicion is that, when asked, these types love to pontificate their opinions. but when it comes to actually making decisions, minor details like well kept facial hair actually have little bearing on the final choice.

But I can’t be sure. Perhaps we can have a group buy on a Gallup poll and get some concrete data.

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A well kept goatee like the one Brad is wearing In the pic will not be the decision maker over a clean cut dude . Sorry don’t believe it who are these group of women. did they all have short hair, an look like they can beat you up :wink:
Don’t forget we are coming to clean the windows not to date there daughters
If u do Remmeber Ted bundy was clean shaven

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Damn then I’m shit out of luck. I not only have a goatee but tattoos too. Ooooooooh. I guess my high end clients should fire me. Dude get over yourself, men can have beards goatee or what ever facial hair they want. We are men it’s ok. No one really cares what you look like we are only window cleaners. Oh but you probably wear a suit and tie to clean windows huh?

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Excellent cards! I’m digging the fold over.

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Rob is a carpet cleaner.

Even though my company policy is to be clean-shaven, I don’t think clean cut with facial hair is a detraction to many people anymore.

Thanks for all the replies guys!

I really went back and forth on the picture on the front; my wife agrees with those of you that say I need to be smiling, but focused! :slight_smile:

Really, what it boiled down to was finding the right picture, with the right background that would fit the card correctly and allow for the fading for my logo. There were lots of pictures that fit that criteria; but I had this goofy look on my face. Apparently, I get some rather interesting facial expressions when I’m on the glass!

Ideally, I would have taken the pics at a different house. I have a client with a really cool blue house (a little darker than a huck towel) with white french panes. I thought it would look better with my shirt and the colors I have inside the card and on my logo. She was having renovations done and it wouldn’t have worked. Maybe for the future.

As far as the goatee, I had to laugh at the various responses! I’ve had my goat for well over ten years now. I shaved it off to surprise my wife once. She said I looked creepy without it!

Those of you who are losing hair upstairs (like myself) may come to appreciate having the option to grow some facially!

As far as the back of the card, I left it blank so that I could write on it (quotes, etc.).

The primary reason I went with the folding card is so that I could get the full wording of my 200% Satisfaction Guarantee in there. Otherwise, people will think there is fine print somewhere.

I really appreciate all of the feedback; it is because of wisdom shared on this forum that I have been successful at my business for almost five years now!