My New Ride

Inside pics coming soon…

That’s very nice. First one of the new Nissan’s Ive seen set up as a window cleaning Van. Do you have the inside set up yet? I’d like to see inside. Graphics look sweet.

Yes Phil, the inside is complete along with a ladder rack…

Nice ride! How much space is on the inside? What’s the length from seats to the back door?


I want one. Or the Nissan Pickup King Cab. Looks Great!

That looks cool, the window graphics especially. I have never seen that type of van before, it would be cool to see the inside when you have a minute.

Wow! That is a lot of van! Congrats!

Looks cool… I cant believe you got the username Squeegee ​I thought that would have been long gone… :slight_smile:

I’ve been leaning towards one of those too…

Is that the big NV? I’ve been waiting for the new tiny NV200 to come out next month in order to see if I could use that.

We were seriously considering the Nissan NV vans until we read up on the poor gas mileage. Looks good, and hopefully it will last you a long time.

Found one! 2012 Nissan NV2500 HD for sale in Van Nuys, California - Commercial Truck Trader

You going to buy it? Dont think you need the tall van… Thats for service companys that needs the head room and does not use ladders.

Naw…but t looks appetizing…I kind of like the tall one (dirtbikes)… It’d be a multi-use work vehicle. I wish it had a factory rear seat…at least one. One could be fab’d in but a pita. My little Nissan pu is still ticking…but probably w in two years I’ll be upgrading.

Can you maybe post pics of the room on the inside?

Very cool. :cool:
Were you the one before talking about this or the Ford? Anyway this is a lot nicer. Love the graphics.

This is the nv 1500 same size as the 2500 the 2500 as all the options

Shoot a video of you driving it around. Sort of like we can be with you giving us a new car ride. I’ll buy a new car air freshener to make it more realistic. :slight_smile:

Nice ride, little messy but nice.
A bit of time organizing things is needed. Went by local Nissan Dealer saw fleet of these out front.

Like I said it was a little messy and then I went down the threads and found this from kiss my glass another thread posted under van section you may want to take some notes