Need Advice ASAP (Flooding)

Updated** Here are some photos of the building and the picture the client sent

So I’m still relatively new, (about 1 year in the industry) and decided to make a switch to commercial. I bought a water fed system and tested it out and it works wonders. I got my first commercial client booked and I thought things went great. That was until I receive a text shortly after about flooding in the basement. It was raining, but I did some online research and most people said water fed works fine in the rain. I even saw one post where they said commercial clients expect you to still show up regardless of weather. I am insured, but me being a naive 19 year old, I don’t really know what to do. I figured I should ask this community as I probably need to send a response soon. Also how do I prevent this in the future. Thanks in advance!

to do about what exactly? i am confused. wfp pole should not be flooding anything unless there are problems with building leaks or their tap. what does th rain have to with this unless it caused the flooding?


OK, congrats for jumping into business. I’m not sure how flooding in the basement even remotely connects
to the us of a wfp.


First step. Breath.

What do they mean by ‘flood’? Was a window open and the wf leaked water in? You need details


Thanks for the encouragement. It’s just a text with an image of the water leaking. I don’t think they open. They’re attached to the building. I also have a picture of the building if that helps?

sure, post it. that would probably help

!The flooding is on the top

we can’t see the image. upload it again. says ’ Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.’ when you click

Looks like their building needs some repairs, but they do have clean windows now which is one less expense for them


I would drop what I’m doing and go check it out in person , looks like they’re trying to blame it on you instead of the rain and their building probably needs repairs


Just spitballing. Surely you didn’t use WFP on interiors.


any update? curious what happened

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No, I didn’t.

So update, thanks for all those who commented. It helped me stop and think clearly. From what I could tell it was most likely what most of you guys said in this thread, being rain leaking in the building. Since it did happen around the time I was cleaning, there was no evidence that I caused or didn’t cause the flooding. The flooding wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. In the end I gave him my insurance and said he could file a claim with them to compensate for any damages if he would like. I thought it went smooth, but I probably won’t be hearing from him again.


Why would you give them your insurance ??? This wasn’t your fault .
You owe them nothing. They owe you for cleaning the windows. I hope you got paid ???
I hope this guy doesn’t turn out to be a greedy idiot.
I would call them back , and say I was hasty about giving you my insurance , but I sure hope you don’t call them being that this has noting to do with me.
Never give out your insurance till the matter is 100 % resolved , which means investigated and proven it’s your fault.

How many windows were in that vicinity ?? I’m guessing one. One window cleaned , do you know how much water it takes to clean one window. About a cup filled , so how can that much water get in from you ? If it was two windows then two cups, and that’s over estimating how much water.

Flooding from WFP doesn’t happen. Maybe power washing. Not a wfp unless you leave it on an go to lunch somewhere. And still it wouldn’t be that bad, and most importantly If water is getting in it’s a structural problem not a window cleaning problem

agree on this. I don’t know how but I managed to see the picture you posted of the ‘flood’.

Were their windows closed? If so then it has nothing to do with you. They may have broken seals or issues with their plumbing but that has NOTHING to do with you. You just EXPOSED the problem.

Please, don’t believe tiktok that now that you have a wfp you’ll become an instant millionaire. Cleaning windows won’t do that for you - being a good businessman will. Take this is a lesson to always make sure you cover yourself from liability. Did he know you would be using a wfp? Did you inform him to close his windows? communicate as much as you can to make sure the liability is placed as much as possible off of you so that when things DO happen, it’s not your problem.

p.s if something did happen while you were working on the glass (i.e scratch a window while cleaning ) insurance won’t cover you. I’m not sure if that applies to open windows or not though but insurance is NOT your friend. They look for any way they can do deny the claim

Blah - that is what insurance is for. Some one makes a claim against you, or even an accusation - you hand it over to your insurance and go about your business of cleaning more windows. The insurance adjuster does the research, that’s what you pay your monthly installment for. They do their job, you do yours.

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This was yesterdays storm just across the Bay in Tampa.

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You might be right , but nobody is getting my insurance info just for an accusation. Especially when I know that accusation is nearly impossible it was something I did. That’s Just me !!
You never know with these adjusters maybe he finds your partially to blame , because a few drops of your water did get in. F that I’m not even chancing it.:weary:

That doesn’t even make sense…so you just refuse to tell anyone what your insurance is??? It’s not common, but if someone wants our info, I’ll happily send them a COI with them listed as additional insured…problem solved. Giving someone the info is not making any statement regarding responsibility