Need Help with the new forum?

Need help with the new forum? Hit me up here I can help. Post your questions and I will get you answers.

Over the next 24 hours, I will be uploading a quick start guide to help get you rolling.

Fortunately the new platform is very intuitive. Play with it a little bit and it will all click.

If I click “dismiss” under the “unread” tab… will my foot fall off? What’s supposed to happen?

I want to click the forum as “read” but I don’t want it to stop my subscriptions.

is there a “go to first unread” button?

Is there a link to the store

Hello - just added the link in the top right menu close to your avatar. Not sure if Chris is going to move it later :wink:

If you are logged in, the forum should take you to the latest post in a thread automatically when you click on a thread.

Love the new Look!
Hmmm where did the store go?
My OCD is in overdrive!!

i cant get my avatar pic to load

Here’s something I’ve noticed with the new platform:

While browsing through threads, the recommended topics at the bottom of the page are always threads that I started. While I’ve enjoyed the walk down memory lane, I’m afraid this feature may feed the narcissistic tendencies of some users (not me, of course. I’m the most humble guy I know :wink: )

Also, what are the formatting rules for emoticons, now? Is there a list we can go to, to see how we can type in different smileys on the mobile version? Thanks!


Hey Alex - This is how the “suggested topics” Algorithm functions:

Current Suggested Topics algorithm is pretty basic, it fills in this order:

  1. Any topics you created with new posts? add those.
  2. Any topics you are watching or tracking in this category with new posts? add those.
  3. Any new topics you haven’t read yet in this category? add those.
  4. Any topics you are watching or tracking in any category with new posts? add those.
  5. Any new topics you haven’t read yet in any category? add those.
  6. Choose random topics from this category which aren’t closed or archived or category definitions.
  7. Choose random topics from any category which aren’t closed or archived or category definitions.
    Repeat list until all (n, default 5) slots of Suggested Topics are filled. (# of suggested topics to be shown at the bottom itself is a site setting, suggested_topics)

:smiley: :hamburger:

If you click here in your tool bar

This will pop up… If you hoover over them you can insert and or see the cheat sheet or short code for them.

Let me know if I can help. It might have just been giving​ you a problem last night when things were still processing.

@Infinity I just read your post…

I marked my “Unreads” as read under my profile and that fixed it for me.

How do I find the members only discussion section?

Category / forum page about half way down.

As you can see by the screen shot there is a little loose code to clean up. But overall all member content is locked neatly inside.

Why does the forum always suggest the thread topics that I started as suggested threads at the bottom of the screen?

Hi Steve

The first step of the suggested algorithm is to show you threads that you started that have replies you have yet to look at. Once you have seen them, it will no longer suggest that thread.

Hmmm, except that as I look through them there are no unread replies. Maybe the new forum doesn’t understand that though.

@Steve - please try this: