Need some advise on windows that may be scratched

I have a new client who thinks we scratched her windows. She has lived in her house 5 years and says she has had her windows cleaned annually and has never noticed streaks until immediately after our cleaning. The markings are noticeable in direct sunlight and almost non existent otherwise. Upon inspection it seems as though there is a fine film or transparent sheet covering the glass. The marks are not from a razor or squeegee. I can’t if the marks/scratches are on the interior or exterior of the pane. Does anyone have any advise on how to handle this situation?
Thanks in advance,

Well first off did you use a blade ??? If you didn’t tell her there not from you , because we didn’t use a blade .

Take her to a piece of glass that doesn’t have those marks , an show her how you cleaned the glass . Bring a magnifier … Well wait I’m sure she has one
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U can tell if the marks r on the inside of the glass by placing the tip of the pen on the glass if the scratches r on the other side it’s pretty evident. Hard to explain but do the pen thing and look at it from the side not straight on. Looks like the seals have gone. Hard to tell from the pics but the uniformity of the blob I’m going with blown seals and it’s in between the glass

I agree with [MENTION=3241]dexter445[/MENTION] it looks like broken seals to me the pen trick make the field of depth more clear and allows you to see which side the damage is on.

Thanks Michael,
We didn’t use a blade and I did reclean a dozen or so panes for her, demonstrating our technique. She’s adamant the scratches/marks weren’t there before we cleaned the glass.

Thanks Doc,

I did do the pen trick and couldn’t tell which side the marks were on, I think because of the film or tint on the glass. Its almost like the scratches/marks are below the film. I’ve usually got a pretty sharp eye. It’s tough to tell, because I can’t determine if the marks are on the interior or exterior for sure, but the characteristics and uniformity of the marks definitely look like broken sills.

I’m sorry to say this she is crazy .

Years ago I was blamed for ripping 3 screens this is before I realized I have to show everything to a customer.

I told her i didn’t rip them she says they were not like that before . “Of course they weren’t lady.”

I didn’t argue I said I will get them fixed.

Let me tell you if it was scratches she was blaming me for. I wouldn’t of took blame for it especially when I know 100 % I didn’t do it. A few screens who gives a crap $30 to shut her up I’m good with that.

Tell her your sorry , but the way I clean windows , an the techniques I use what your seeing isn’t from me.
So I can t take blame for something I didn’t do. So good luck to ya.
Don’t call me ever again. good riddance !!!
What ever she is seeing the reason why she is seeing it is because she hasn’t looked so close before. she is analyzing your work , so now she sees something ,an wants to blame you.
This type of shit pisses me off!!!

Or she new it was there an is trying to put blame , an get something for free one or the other

We as professionals have to know people want to put blame on us for things. So I tell my guy always point out a screen that’s ripped am anything else you see right away to the customer especially if there a new customer .

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Are those Pella?

To me that looks like moisture in the IG unit which is reacting with the low-e coating, not scratches.

I guess it could add up to a good learning experience. Always look for scratches while cleaning windows… That way when you notice them you can report them to the homeowner or business manager before proceeding…

Yeah I don’t actually see any scratches…

Is there actually a window film on the inside? Like a tint film? are the marks all parallel and uniform, almost like they were made by a machine? what kind of strip washer did you use?

if there is indeed a tint film on the inner surface, here’s my assessment:

possibility 1: the tint is degrading. i’ve seen this happen a lot. after certain window films age they start to deteriorate and you’ll see uniform/parallel/repeated stripes or distortions. you’ll see an exact pattern that repeats itself (that’s what it looks like to me in the bottom pic). if this is what it looks like, the tint is just going bad.

possibility 2: you used a strip washer like a micro-tiger, porcupine or other sleeve with abrasive strips or pads. that abrasive fiber can scratch some films.

possibility 3: both of the above are happening at the same time.

I think this is the direction I’m thinking as well.

I’m curious as to how long the pics were taken after you cleaned the window.
(I see a drip/run on the bottom left, so I assume you hadn’t detailed it yet) :stuck_out_tongue:

Kidding aside… I’ve done tinted windows that kind or ‘react’ to the water, and leave some ugly
streaky/scratchy lines.

They go back to clear(ish) once they completely ‘dry.’
But damn, they look scary bad for a little while.

  • like “I really hope nobody see’s this” bad.

First thing I ask when I walk into a new customers house. Any windows that have tint on them that I need to know about

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I was thinking it is an issue with bad tint if the windows are tinted. They don’t looked scratched the marks look to uniformed

A shame you’re faced with this situation…
Make sure you take the appropriate steps to cover yourself to make sure this problem does not get out of hand…
Take photos, if possible make notes get owner to sign complaints form
Weigh up options- court, small claims v $ costs…
I feel for you buddy… Best of luck here…


Thanks everyone for your help! I am confident to say the scratches are not us 100% and the client is reasonable and understanding and I did spend time rewashing and demonstrating our technique for her. Regardless, I offered her a free window cleaning in the fall. In this biz keeping the customer happy is always key.

How did that end up for you? She happy?

What the scratch waiver form found on the WCRA have prevented an issue like this?

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Yes and no the waiver only covers you from fd and the use of razors. It you didn’t notice the tint used razor or steel wool on it. I think you are still liable for it. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.