New - Excelerator 2.0 and Dr Angle by Moerman

Got an advertisement sent to me by Ionic Systems Australia.

So there they are. Thoughts?

I want it! I love the negative angles! And I hope it is a good deal more stable.

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Big Excelerator fan here but after a while the channels started slipping on me. Hope 2.0 holds tighter

The angle adapter doesn’t look anything innovative, just another goose neck, I will buy another execlerator updated version as I have the v1 and still use it daily, however I think the benefit is more in the channels rather than the handles. I have my 18" liquidator channel in an old Ettore swivel handle.

except it adjusts with the push of a button which is unlike any other angle adapter. That is a definate plus. other ones have that stupid wing nut and is a pain to adjust.

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Brand new channels as of Feb of 19, have been notched in the center of the channel so the center tooth from the handle fit the groove, I know I just bought a new 14" and 10"

TDclean. Yes the aluminium channels do get very worn and slip. We will have to see if Excelerator 2.0 fix’s this issue.

Excelerator 1.0 has become an indispensable part of my kit. I use it all the time.

Now if only Moerman put out a dedicated holster for the Excelerator, so I could carry it on my belt. Either separately from my BOAB, or like the Samuri, or Gunslinger (both have there flaws and I’m not buying either of them) as part of the BOAB. I just find it such a pain when I have to have carry a bucket with me, or shove it in the front pouch of my Moerman Belt Buddy.

The Snapper kit (“the Experience Tool Box”), Liquidator channel end clips holds the rubber tighter than the standard 2.0 clips, which prevents the rubber from slipping in the channels as much = my number one problem with the Liquidator (frustrates the hell out of me).

I don’t want to:

  • use paper clips, or
  • modify (heat up melt) the plastic end clips
  • have to buy other brand clips (i.e. Unger end plugs), or
  • have to buy an entire Snapper kit

Just to hold the rubber tightly in place. I just want end clips that work! That simply hold the rubber in place - full stop!

If they can fix that, I’ll be happy.

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16" and 12" and 8" and 6" channels would be sweet. Wouldn’t have to butcher new ones then.



I really want to try out these and their new side bag. I like that the handle has more angle options than before, including negative. As for the angle adapter i had moded tje old one to give that extra reach but the pivot kept failing. This looks like a fix to both my issues aside i lost mine in a Bush somewhere.

Also how is that bulky looking “clip” at the top of the handel going to interfear with the Flix striper?

Is the 2.0 out yet?

Keep an eye on Trad Man’s and Polzn Blades YouTube channels, among others. They will probably (I’m only guessing) be the first to announce it’s release.

Moerman Australia said they would be available for purchase in April-May. And they say they are available now for sale on their website.

But personally, I’m going to wait for the reviews to come in. Could be a dud for all we know. My 14" FLQ pad has worn out after a year (maybe a bit more) and is falling off at the clips, so I need a new one. I want to hang back and replace it with an Excelerator 2.0, but it’s such an essential piece of my equipment that I need (and use) it every time I go window cleaning. Using the 10" temporarily.

So I hope someone does a review soon.

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Just came accross this in comments below a video of Polzn Bladz.

Dr. Angle sounds like something right out of Ron Popeil’s playbook.

Whos ready to buy this thing?

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Thank heavens, I could use the 2.0! How close till it’s in stock? Looking forward to the 5 degrees and longer reach onto the sill!

Just used it for the 1st time today and the close out left no water at the bottom. Awesome handle. Cant comment on durability but i have 3 1.0 handles that still function great (i bought them when they were 1st released). Love the in hand feel as well. I had preferred the ettore contour pro plus paired with liquidator 1.0 in hand due to the extra weight of the handle (i felt i could be even lighter on the glass with it) but the 2.0 seems to be the perfect medium for me. Ill update as i use it more but it is definitely a great upgrade especially solving the close out issue of the 1.0 for me.

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They fit perfectly and dont interfere with each other. The new fliq pads also have a small bar sewn in the back of it to add rigidity (like wagga had shown how to add an aluminum stick/bar to a standard strip washer). I have both versions and the new one is another great upgrade.

Is there any upgrade on the metal channel sliding side ways in the grip? And is there any upgrade on the end clips stopping the rubber from sliding side ways (moving)?

These are two basic issues that drive me nuts with Liquidator 2.0 channels and Excelerator 1.0 handles. Fidling about fixing up these two basic issues everyday cost me hours in productivity. I want a manufacturer solution, not a stop gap.