NEW - Moerman Liquidator Series

Moerman Liquidator Channels have been a best seller in our store since it’s release. Our new Moerman Liquidator Complete Squeegees gives you a complete section of Liquidator channels and handles. Each Moerman handle has been paired with a Moerman Liquidator 2.0 Channel. :slight_smile:

Here are the new Moerman Completes we set up:

Moerman Excelerator Complete Squeegee: Excelerator Handle + Moerman Liquidator


Moerman Swivel Complete Squeegee: Swivel Zero Degree Handle + Moerman Liquidator


Moerman Snapper Complete Squeegee: Snapper Handle + Moerman Liquidator


Moerman Ergonomic Complete Squeegee: Ergonomic Handle + Moerman Liquidator


Moerman Combinator Complete Squeegee: Combinator Handle + Moerman Liquidator


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Moerman has done a great job of releasing new products! You can check out forum discussions on the Moerman Experience Tooolbox as well as the new Moerman Squeeze Deluxe Window Cleaning Detergent (releasing in March 2018).

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I LOVE MOERMAN! I am all in when it comes to Moerman. The Liquidator blades and channels are awesome, the flick pad is perfect, and I just can’t say anything that I don’t like about their products. So much time saved by using these products. THANKS MOERMAN!!!


For those who have bought the new snapper handle, are you enjoying it? I currently use the excelerator handle(i also have a ninja handle).But I am looking to purchase another handle. I want to learn more tools and see the differences.

I like the Snapper handle very much. It is in hand as good as the Excelerator on the pole. For me it works great with the Liquidator 2.0. I will purchase a few more. But you mentioned the Ninja handle. If the quality would be as good as the Ninja it would be perfekt.

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We’re hoping more reviews on the Snapper Handle will roll out as time goes on a little. It’s still pretty new! So far so good though! People seem to like it.

Trad-man did a great review:

Jordie from The Window Cleanse also did a nice review:


Just posted yesterday


@TheWindowCleanse I knew I was forgetting one – thanks!! :grin:

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