New release last night

Lately people have been talking about setting up a system for lead capture and conversion into their business. I for one know this is one of the most critical systems to get right for a company that is trying to grow. Of course I have spent a lot of time thinking about it, and that is where the new version of ResponsiBid came from. And it’s been really exciting to see that the people who are taking the time during this slow season to get their new app up and running are seeing awesome improvements in their systems… even during the slow season!

[B]So… Last night was a big night for ResponsiBid.
We just released the national average widget for the dashboard. It was cool when you could track your close rates, and see what was going on in your business from the dashboard before, but now you can compare yourself to the rest of the nation at a glance to see how you’re comparing.

We have a seasonal business, and sometimes being the owner of your business it’s hard to have anything to compare yourself to. So now we are leveraging what’s going on in the whole nation to keep you apprised of how your business fits in. If anyine needs help setting up their shiny new app, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout


This is so awesome!

Very cool to see my ticket price $1 off the national average. Its nice having that validation.

I’m well above but we are doing mostly French panes. Awesome Curt!

How does one go about purchasing this software.

Jaime Gonzalez
Bella Window Cleaning Service, LLC
Warner Robins, GA

I’m glad you guys are having as much fun as I am with this new feature… We have some more fun stuff on the cusp right now :slight_smile:

You can always take a look at to look at how it works and see if it makes sense for your business.

the actual packages are found here… or if you are a wcra member, you would go [URL=“”]here.

I was just thinking about this. How Curt has access to a lot of Proprietary Data intimate to many business owners: customer lists, referral sources, seasonal traffic, locations, and pricing offered.

So any other national market data coming down the pipes?

Yeah, it’s exciting to finally have a place where we can share national data across the board with each other so that we have a frame of reference. ResponsiBid users will have that added leverage that small business owners don’t usually have the luxury of having access to. They will get to expand their field of data exponentially and give extra insight into how they could improve their business, up their close rate, or many other things that they could do with the data!

Pretty exciting stuff!

Ok, so I go to the website and click on “See it in Action” I just want a quote on window cleaning, so I click that box. The next set of boxes are completly blank. So I have to guess where to put my first name, last names, phone number, email address etc, etc. After filling in the blanks the best I know how it tell me that I must put in my business name, footage of my gutters. I just want to get a quote on windows. Am I not understading the section “See it in Action” tab correctly.

Jaime J. Gonzalez
Bella Window Cleaning Service, LLC
Warner Robins, GA

Interesting. That’s the first I’ve heard of that. It sounds like your browser is having a tough time digesting it. What browser are you using?

It should look like this:

My screen is null and void of that information. I am using I.E.


Jaime, thanks for letting us know that you were having some trouble with the site. Thanks for bringing that to our attention so we can look into getting it fixed. Seeing that as Curt said you are the first to experience that I wonder if it was isolated to your computer, we are looking into it all the same.

Once you are finished taking it for a test drive I will be here to answer your questions as well. We can even get you setup with a free account of ResponsiBid today if you are a member of the WCRA or PWRA. Have ten minutes to connect?

Interesting… IE is certainly the hardest browser to get things to work in properly, but we do develop for it. Could you say which version of Explorer you are using?

Ok, we think we found the bug and fixed it last night. Could you verify that for me [MENTION=7290]bellawindowcleaning[/MENTION] ?

I am using I.E. 9, not tu sure why it is not working, it might be my old 2007 Toshiba I am using. Your online looks very interesting to use. I would be a great help for me since I do have a full time job while doing windows on the side. I do not have access to my cell phone during the day and it would be nice to come out to my car and see a bid waiting for me without having to do some much work. I will continue to try your website to see how it works, like I said, it is very appealing to me.

Jaime J. Gonzalez
Bella Window Cleaning Service, LLC
Warner Robins, GA

Jamie, can you take a look now? Is it giving you the same problem? We test actively in ie9, but we put out another IE hack last night :slight_smile: Explorer is a finicky one. Let me know how it looks now.

I gave it a few days and went back to Check out the goods | ResponsiBid and gave it a try again. Still not working for me. Must be something in the air here in Georgia.

Jaime J. Gonzalez
Bella Window Cleaning Service, LLC
Warner Robins, GA

City, State * Beverly Hills, CA Encino, CA North Hollywood, CA Studio City, CA Toluca Lake, CA Universal City, CA West Hollywood, CA

How did you hear about us? Please Select * Angie’s List Bing Google Money Mailer Referral Yahoo Yellow Pages

Structure TypeResidential Commercial

How Many Stories Please Select * 1 Story 2 Story 3 Story 4 Story

Plus a Basement? Please Select * No Yes

Building Square Footage Size

Small House Select

Medium House Select

Large House Select

XL House Select

XXL House Select


Window Cleaning

Would you like an: Exact Quote
or Rough Quote


Gutter Cleaning

Would you like an: Exact Quote
or Rough Quote


House Washing

What is the Exterior of your House
Please Select One Brick Dryvit Vinyl Siding Continue

Roof Cleaning

Roof Pitch Please Select One * Easily Walkable Difficult To Walk Impossible To Walk

Roof Issue Please Select One * Green Mold Black Streaks Slippery Moss

Does Your House Have Gutters?NoYes

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete Cleaning Project

Please Select One * 2 Car Driveway (600 SqFt) 3 Car Driveway 2 Car Driveway PLUS Garage 3 Car Driveway PLUS Garage 4 Car Driveway PLUS Garage Small Circular Driveway Big Circular Driveway Other

Window Tinting

Window Tinting Purpose Label Please Select One * Solar Control Privacy Opaque Frost Security

Window Tinting Sq Ft Label

Light Fixture Cleaning

Simple Light Fixtures

Complex Light Fixtures

Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Ceiling Fan Blades Only Label

Ceiling Fan With Lights Label

Mirror Cleaning

Regular Mirrors Label

Large Mirrors Label

Blind Cleaning

Small Blinds


Medium Blinds


Large Blinds


Additional Notes

I can tell the bottom part is copied and pasted from ResponsiBid, but I’m not sure what you were conveying with it, etc.

I can’t reproduce any of those problems or get anyone else to yet at this point so I’m not sure what to say yet. I’d obviously love to get it fixed though.

Have you had luck using Chrome or Firefox? Those browsers will give you a much better web experience in total for your own use, too.

But just to be clear… We have been having great success with IE as a whole and have produced it to work there… I’m just trying to determine if it’s something with your computer, internet connection, and so on… Maybe a corrupted file somewhere… just trying to find the root of the problem. :slight_smile:

How much users do you gather data from, if you don’t mind? I figure the more window washers, the more accurate data averages are…