New window cleaning bucket with storage

hey guys and gals, how would you feel about a bucket with built in dru storage instead of shoving rags in in your pocket and tool belt?

I usually leave my bucket on the front or back porch. Might be handy for storefront guys. I’d be interested in seeing something like it.

What is dru storage?

I think its where you put your lunch. lol

Dry storage perhaps?

I hope it’s not dru(g) storage.

I already use one - it has a double compartment. hard to keep it really dry though. What it needs is a lid for either side.

Yea i use a double sided bucket… one side for water and washers… other side for everything else

I remember those. I take my old ones camping to wash and rinse the dishes.

So, are you selling something like this or are you asking what we think about it?

Not sure I understand. You need towels on you, not on your bucket. I have a pouch in back of my belt where I keep fresh dry towels. Towels in use hang from a hammer loop, carabiner, pocket, or shoulder. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the question.

I don’t know about towels due to sloshing but for other necessities it sounds good to me. Tony shows one in his test video and Melody has mentioned useing one. Anyone here have a source?

Thanks Mike. Note, 19 qt bucket is longer then 17 qt.

LOL sorry I meant DRY… well everyone knows I use spell check.

Can I see a picture of your bucket please.

I rarely use this for window cleaning.

I have a concept, but just because I think it’s great doesn’t mean I don’t want a community of Pro’s to give me feedback before I try to take it any further than an idea.

I think they are great buckets but when I have used them in the past I always seen to drip in the dry side :frowning:

I’ve used these for restroom cleaning. I’ve never used one for window cleaning.