Ninja vs Sorbo

For those who have used both which do you prefer and why? How do they differ?

I have only used the Ettore super channel and Sorbo and I like the Sorbo better. I haven’t tried the Ninja and I’m curious how they compare. Is it worth trying out?

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So which one do you prefer and why?

Ive used all three and I prefer sorbo personally over the other two because I use the cobra channel with the 40 degree plastic ends.I feel it gets against the sills better than the 90 degree ends.I also feel the ninja feels cheap like its made in China or something kinda like how the moreman liquidator feels cheap


I started with nothing but ninjas. The handle is fantastic. Many complain about the end clips of the channel but I’ve never had problems with them and changing rubbers is so easy. The rubber can be inserted in two different slots. Imo the channel’s quality is excellent. It feels light, yet solid. That all said, they left so much water behind. I tried inserting a zip tie in the ends and that essentially eliminating the detailing.

This past week i tried a 24" sorbo on the ninja handle. The performance was flawless. I need to use it more, but so far my first impression has matched the great reputation sorbo has built up.

One nice thing about the ninja is that they use normal rubbers. Sorbo, of course, requires special square rubbers.

All in all, I’m moving away from the ninja channels and will probably invest in more sorbos.


Thanks for the reply. I have not used the Sorbo with the plastic tips. What’s the difference? I’ve seen them but not used them or looked closely at the difference.

Thanks for the input. I currently use the Ninja handle with Sorbo channels for commercial. I like the Ninja handles as it can be locked and unlocked if needed.

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Sorry just finished making that video. Umm watch wed and find out. Plus on the behalf of WINDOW CLEANING RESOURCE reanna and I are giving away a new 18 inch sorbo quicksilver complete. Find out more wed !


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The difference between the plastic tip and the non plastic tip is the degree the tip is.the plastic tip is 40 degree’s so its supposed to get against the window sills better than the non plastic tips which are 90 degree’s. 90 degree ends or straight ends don’t get in the corners as well.its supposed to cut down the amount of detailing

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How well does it do in getting the water from the frames and corners?

I noticed on the other thread stating the ninja had 2 grooves to hold the rubber with more or less overhang.
Sorbo has 3 grooves.

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Interesting. I wonder why Unger would put two grooves? Sorbo has two to be used in conjunction with the docket so you can move the blade up each groove as the blade is trimmed down with the docket.

Have you used the Ninja?

While this is partially true its not the total extent of this design, I have used it on many occasions where you can put it in the 2nd slot and have greater control when doing unusual angles and even with deep frames.

And no unger as a brand is not all that popular here or even locally stocked.


Yah he mentions you can use it with the blade in the second channel but I question whether or jot that was part of the design or it was just something Sorbo figured out after he designed the squeegee. Either way it is an option. Unger is actually very popular here locally for sure and my local window cleaning supplier stocks Unger products. I am just curious how the Ninja performs compared to Sorbo or super channel.

Thanks for the input Steve. Have you used the Ninja channel yourself?

No I have not, I have used the original channels the SS ones with the handle that has teeth, didn’t like it much this was 20 years ago tho lol

Im all over that! I need some new quality tools. :smiley_cat: