Not taking new customers

Have you ever gotten to a point where you
have to say “I’m not taking any new customers”
or by referral only? Like a doctor…

I am busier than I want to be and new people just
keep calling…

I am booked out till mid July and have yet to send out my
June and July reminder cards to past customers.
I send out reminder cards every month for a year ago and 6 months ago.


By mid-April that’s exactly what I tell people on the street. If it’s for larger condo or commercial buildings I’ll offer to put together a proposal but it most likely will have to wait until next year.

Build scarcity into your business and you can charge whatever you want.


Did you get a helper this year ? Or you’re staying solo ? I would Start by drastically raising my prices on new clients


from comments you have made in past i believe your prices are too low. gladly accept the new customers at higher prices, increase the low ones and be more profitable?


No helper since just before Thanksgiving, so I’m having to spread everything out. No longer
wanting to cram my days full. I am more interested in serving existing customers than
getting new ones.


@DelirousDungo is right. There’s no better excuse than it simply being 2022 to raise your prices.

We raised ours twice in the past 12 months and I’m debating another bump this month.


Been there, done that a few times. We have a long waiting list now, and usually have to cut off all new customers sometime around Halloween.

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My goal, someday, is to have only returning customers, cherry picked by myself.

Its so much easier when you’ve worked with someone before and they understand your processes.


Great quote, there! I am booked out and don’t wish to add employees.

I’ve stopped calling old customers that are at lower prices. If they call to schedule, I let them know about the price increase.

As I add new people, I am able to test the ceiling for my prices. I have raised them twice this year. By late Sept, I will raise again.


Were you booked up soon as March hit or they slowly started calling in, schedling?

For me it hit like mid April. May is nice.

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I respect that , just remember to increase prices little bit each year and you’ll be gold . I rather clean clean glass than deal with glass that hasn’t been cleaned in 15 years .


In March the smart customers were booking for April and May. Now we are just about out til the 4th of July.

Weird thing about this year is that there was no crushing tsunami of leads like every other year. Just really steady.

going into March with a full schedule must be nice :sweat_smile:

Same thing here , I think inflation is a taking a told on peoples budget

I had to quit a LOT of harder regulars this past year, including some difficult patio homes that didn’t pay much. My pressure washing is really picking up and I don’t have time to mess around with a $120 job that takes two people over an hour.

I chalked it up to the unusually cold spring we’ve had here, but you’re probably right.

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I’ll always take on new customers. Thise new customers are getting hit with premium pricing. The problem is will they wait. Most don’t want to wait a month or more to get cleaned
Some do which is good :+1:

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Exactly!!! It sounds like Mathew is there he just has to make some room for new customers, or see if they’re willing to wait.

Expand the top and dissolve the bottom


Hey @Matthew

How are things going now for you in terms of business volume? Did you make any changes to improve things?

I’ve read through the thread a few times and wanted to check-in. My business is far at the other end of the spectrum. I’m considering going door to door soon to get jobs for July.

I work solo these days, only residential, booked up until mid-August. 1-3 houses a day. Depending on size. I have improved things by limiting myself. Or perhaps actually by recognizing my limits and not being willing to cram my days with window cleaning, trying to fit in everyone who calls and all that. I also ditched all my commercial work (2 hospitals and a college) and no longer do CCU. I am only doing the work I actually like to do, which is residential. I am also getting all my jobs up to snuff as far as my current rates. Many hadn’t been raised in a while. Most new customers don’t want to wait 8 weeks, which is fine with me because most of my current customers will. Thanks for asking…