NSP listing

Lets create a list of NSP (National Service Providers) you may have worked with our heard about…

I heard of a new one yesterday: [B]​Master Maintenance [/B]

Avid Floor Maintenance

Timely topic. Just spoke with

Dynamic Systems


Tower Maintenance

Will this be more than a list? Will we be giving opinions about our experiences with these companies?

Is this where we will be using WCR’s SEO to bash NSPs that an individual had a bad experience with?

I was just kinda curious about how many are out there.

American Maintenance

We took a few weeks last year, looked up everyone under the sun, ill post the list when I get to the office today. Sad to say, we didnt get mix back for the time spent filling out forms/doing bids/etc. Chris, does acwc do alot of work with nsp’s?

I’d like to know if someone has actually had a successful working relationship with one in the whole history of window cleaning. Even if you have a good working relationship with one now, I feel it is a matter of time before you get screwed over.

We do a poll and everyone can rate there experience with them.

How about: U.S. Maintenance, AFM as known as Great American Window Cleaning, Cleanway (Cintas), Nationanl Janatorial, Broadway National, Servco, C & R Services, American Seaboard, Solutions Management, Thoreau Services, Consumer Floor, just to mention a few.

[FONT=arial]- Solutions Management

  • WSA Services

  • CB Tech Services
    [FONT=arial]- Ellis Enterprises[/FONT]

Lets keep going with this list.

Im going to build a NSP rating system over the holidays…

Has a NSP ever responded here (or on another WC forum) to the complaints and comments about them? I’ve got to believe that at some point a rep from one of them has googled their own name and found this forum. I’d be surprised if one of them had the courage to face their detractors. I would also be impressed, although not impressed enough to work for one of them again.

Has anyone dealt with Jan-Pro?

It’s a matter of being selective and not taking any crud from them. If they don’t agree to my price… I walk. Period. The ones that do accept my price are IMHO worth working with. I have a couple of accounts I have had for a few years for the same NSP at the same locations. This tells me that the Corporations they are working for are happy and not shopping around… so their overall experience must also be good. And I always get paid.

Good ones I will and do work for:

American Facilities Maintenance
Corporate Mall Services

Don’t get me wrong though, I have dealt with plenty of cruddy ones in years past. So I am picky now. If I recognize the name from back then, no way. When they call and want me to phone in and out of jobs, wasting our time for penny’s on a dollar… SEE YA! No thanks!!

So whats the major complaint with these NSPs in general?

For me it can be:

Them dictating price
Slow Payement times
Non payement

What else am I missing?

I have worked with Dynamic for the Kroger Stores here in Indiana… the pay per store sucks… and they are VERY slow in payment.