October Bookings up or down

How is your October looking?

Sept was amazing for us … October is feeling a bit mediocre…

I am about the same, however I have been losing jobs due to price way more often. I am bringing my prices back down.

In fact I have lost more jobs to price this month than all year! (and it’s only the 9th!)

I went from booked solid to just wasting time with running around quoting… for nothing. I need to adjust momentarily

Yeah i here that… I have the girls slashing prices today . Also shifting around commercial contract stuff to fill up the schedule…

Its weird

I have been getting some commercial jobs calling lately. Some of the ones I quoted were paying a lot to their previous company (nothing wrong with that, other than losing the job)

This is the first time I have seen the market really impact my business. I am getting lots of calls so people are willing to pay for window cleaning, just a reasonable amount.

Business in down for October, people are not spending money due to the F*** Economy.

It is only to be getting worse.

“O.J Simpson for President”

Thankfully he is not running… he’d probably win

I am so glad that the economy hasn’t tanked too bad here in Texas. The people that have enough money to have their windows cleaned, are still having it done. Same with Holiday lighting. I am up 18% on booking for lights this year. That is over October alone. Lets wait til the end of the season and I’ll get numbers on the year.

I feel for you guys in other, harder-hit areas. I know what its like to cut prices off your already lowered (end of season type) prices. And then still not have enough business to keep employees around.

Hang in there guys. It will come around some time. It can’t get much worse.

So far so good. Steady new interest.

October is up for us down here in the deep south. I dont know what the future will hold as the stock market dips lower and lower.

Charlie Laurie
Slidell La.

Up for me. September was SLOW, worse than august but October so far is looking alot better than both.

October is always busy here, We have a lot of farming around the cities, so after the spud harvest (potatoes), every one wants their windows cleaned. I have alot of people on a post-spud schedule (after they plant and after they harvest).

Record month of Sept in SoCal. Oct is already on record pace as well. Usually get a bit of a break Sept-Oct, not this year.

sept. was great. oct. is starting out good as well.

Where at in socal are you?

October looks to be a monumental month for me. This month is playing a key role in my business.
So far I’ve made many many nice size connections this month, but still waiting for 4 to 5 big commercials deals to go through.

October numbers are up. Commercial is up. Residential is same, but got marketing plans to change that. Making some big steps this month. The economy does ring in my mind, I believe it will be doing this for some time…BUT I think this is also a great time to thrive…
I just don’t want to survive this “recession in the making”, but I want to thrive and when the economy picks itself up, feast:p

September was great and then last two weeks I had 11 large customers cancel. Totaling to be around 7,500 worth of work! Dang! You know why they cancelled. They all worked for Wachovia and are fearing for their jobs in the take over.

Weird… it got crazy busy here today… the phones have been lit up all day. :slight_smile:

Oddly the calls are coming in pretty steady for me too… I guess we spoke too soon

How long have you been in business?

are your bookings for october up or down?