One story homes $149

This is the base start of a one story home inside and out without storm windows or screens.(I live in the south, very windy at times). Screens are a $1.00 extra and storm windows cost an extra $49.99. French windows also add $49.99 So with all these factors, a one story home can cost up to $250-$300 I also have extra add ons like gutter cleaning for $49.99 with the window cleaning package and roof cleaning w Roof Clean for $49.99 ( spray on only), the weather does the rest or pressure wash it off for an extra $49.99. And then there are second and third story homes.

Prices seem ok to me. I might charge a little more for pressure washing but if you are happy and making money that’s what’s important

How are you washing roofs? What method?

I don’t clean storm windows anymore. But, the last job with storms that I did, I charged 50 bucks per storm. Still wasn’t enough. lol.

Yeah I hate those damn storms too. I like an idea talked about using IPC eagle screen cleaner for storm panels. We have a lot of storms here. It might be worth the investment.

We have a lot of older homes with storms. Behind those storms are French Panes. Yes I am happy with the amount I charge. Its in the fair range. I like fair. Especially for the time it does take. Lately it has been no storms or screens or French windows. All Faux dividers. Takes about 2 1/2 hours to make that $149. I usually get 4-6 per month. 2-3 second story per month. And have recently teamed up with a few realtors who I give a deal to for mass homes.

I clean roofs with Roof Clean. Some call it laundry detergent. You spray it on and use low pressure to take it off. or You can let the rain take care of it. We get all rain and no snow. About to start using Rain Flow for gutters.

Storms are my bread and butter. Noone wants them, and every house has them in these parts.

I wont divulge what I am getting per storm, but I will say that I wish that [MENTION=74]EcoClean[/MENTION] was a local competitor :slight_smile:

[MENTION=10884]Ben[/MENTION] I need to say this…

Although i think your tactics at times may be a little out there, from what I’ve seen, you have heart.

Throwing your heart into the game is going to get you where you want to be, whether that is one story homes for $149 or $1 storefronts.

Do what you’re doing, have fun, make money, and be happy. Thats what counts.

Ben, have you considered a waterfed pole? You’ll be able to blast rhough homes like that in an hour. I dont even charge extra for Frenchies now.

I am having so much fun! I like the smiles the window cleaning brings. I have a two story next week. All Casements windows no screens. The basic charge is $249.

And its all profit. I don’t owe anyone anything. My insurance is paid for a full year. Recently got a call from a guy in Auburn Alabama for 10 buildings - All 3 story except the office. Off college campus. I used the dollar charge on all three floors. Bid came out to be a little over $5,000. I start in two weeks after they finish painting. He called me from my listing on Yp. com.

If you want to learn how to clean roofs the correct way, without the damage or pressure, you can do a search here for roof cleaning. Or do a search on

Or just ask, there’s plenty of guys here who do it correctly who don’t mind sharing.

Dude, when I hear casements I hear dollar signs.

[SIZE=4]GET 'EM!!!
So quick and easy, reach out, clean em, and done.[/SIZE]

How do you clean roofs? EcoClean. If you don’t mind sharing.

I am not sure how well that would go with people here. Its hard enough getting them to change to the squiigii than using windex.

Lol. Chris, what we have here are aluminum storms that are corroded. They won’t slide up or down, usually the glass is cracked in at least several panes. The storms probably have not been cleaned since they were installed, so you have years and years worth of spider webs and junk between the storm window and the actual window.

On top of that, if there’s storm windows, there’s french windows behind the storms. These are also in bad repair. The framework will crumble apart. I’ve even seen the individual pane just sitting in the frame with nothing holding it in place.

And here’s the kicker. I’d say 9 out of 10 times, somebody has caulked the storm window in place, and then painted over the framework. It’s virtually impossible to remove the storm window safely without damage to either the house or the storm window. And you have to remove the storm window because the panes won’t slide up and down in order to remove them for cleaning or to access the actual window.

It’s just a mess. Unless they’re just in great shape, I turn the bid down and suggest they save their money for replacement windows.

Market it as the latest and safest technology. That is what works for me. Check out my websites below (the Montclair one, Services, specifically) to see how I market that.

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We use a 12v pump system to apply an algaecide. The algaecide we use is a ratio of 12.5 sodium hypochlorite, water, and some surfactants for added cling and dwell time to the roof.

This mixture totally kills and removes the algae that causes the stains almost immediately. There’s no need to rinse, and more importantly, there’s no pressure washer involved.

This is the only method that is approved by the American Roofing Manufactures Association.

I understand how WFP could work me as for outside maintenance. Maybe once I have my store, I may venture to pure water. But I live in a city where there is no real window cleaning company. I plan on opening my store to cater to most cleaning companies using mostly unger products. I bought a 55x90 lot for $8000. I would rather put money in to getting my property ready by next year.

i never thought about getting into roof cleaning, but it seems like i would be stupid not to offer it here in balmy louisiana…