Optimal water tank size

Doing an on board water supply and pump set up for a 06 f-150 6.5ft box

60psi shurflo 1.2gpm to di tank to reel to 200ft 3/8" to pole.

Can’t decide whether to get 65 us gallon tank or 125 us gallon tank. Which one would you get?

If you’re putting your pump before the DI you’ll lose pressure…so you’ll get probably less than 1 GPM out of that at after all of your hoses, height, etc. If you run it non stop you have over an hour of WFP. With a flow controller you could probably double that.
I’m doing the pump after my RO+DI sends pure water to the tank. Going to fill up my tank with pure water and have the pump after the tank.


I like my way better because if I run dry, I just fill tank up and im good to go. I am filling it up with very low tds already (our city water is extremely clean). I was thinking of getting a 100psi 1.8gpm, but really I only want to be running at .5gpm and besides I already have the 60psi pump kicking around brand new. From my experience over the last few years with di tanks, they really don’t kill the pressure that much.

I’m leaning towards the 125 gallon.

Supercab or Regular Cab?

Supercabs payload is 1500
Regular payload 1800

125 x 8.3 (lb per gallon) = 1037 plus you, tank, pump, battery, hoses, other equipment. Getting kind of close to reaching that. 65 gallon tank will be better IMO.


A little cheaper from this place


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I have used tank based system for many years. I have had a tank as big as 300 gallons and as small as 35 gallons. On a average day we only use 50 gallons or less. My favorite tank has been the 100 gallon low profile tank fits perfect in the bed so a truck. 65 is a good size also.

Super Cab but have an extra leaf in the rear.

Good call though, going to go with the 65.

@Majestic66 I’m in Canada, not many suppliers of poly tanks that i’m aware of. Don’t forget those are CDN$! It’s a bargain now isn’t it haha.

@John Thanks for the info. Going with the 65.

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@John Any tips on tying/strapping it down? Thinking of installing 4 anchor points to truck bed and/or building a 2x4 frame for it so it’s in there nice and tight

I like the 2by4 frame but straps work great also

FWell went with the 100 imp gallon/125 us gallon tank. Figured I got enough stuff to stress about and dont need to worry about runing out of water half way through a job.

Went from plow truck to window cleaning mobile over night. Slapped it all together for a job today that is absolutley terrifying to ladder up.

Life changing stuff here… cant describe how amazing this is. Pull up and cleaning windows instantly. Didnt even load my ladders! UCut the job time in half. Even cleaned the stainless steel bbq. That sweet sweet 0 tds reading.

Was over zealous with the rinsing and used about 30 gallons for about 30-40 window panes.

Like I said I slapped this together and all the plumbing in about 2 hours. Version 1.0


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Impressive. Anytime I embark on a project like this, it becomes a whole day ordeal. Or weekend, lol. I was actually working on my new setup today. Been busy with snow removal here, too, and haven’t used the WFP since December.

It’s pretty awesome having an on-board tank system. Like you said, just pull up and start working :smile:

Nice setup. Did not see your pump but are you using a flow control? Saves tons of water and battery life. Tank system is so much quicker.

If you look at 3rd picture you can see pump just laying on floor. I hear you on the flow controller, that was in my plans from day 1 but I never got around to purchasing it. I was very happy with the pumps performance as it is 60psi shut off pressure and 1.5gpm. It was almost the perfect stream, not too heavy and not too light.

I think im going to cheap out on the pump controller for now and see how things go. I can’t wait for this weekend to get everything rigged up properly with a wood frame. Will post version 2.0 :slight_smile:


I think this might be in the cards for me in the near future as well. I get some small 3rd story condos with just a handful of windows that I’d much rather not ladder. But by the time I get my whole system unloaded and a water source located I’m about breaking even on time if I were to do them trad w/ladder. Might be nice to have a grab-n-go setup for small jobs, and save the cart for larger jobs where my need for unlimited water exceeds my need for speed.

That when when safety come in to the mix, the landing from 3story suck unless you stick the landing! :wink:

Look into a Hudson back pack sprayer, you can search @Pure_Water_Window_Cl threads he a slick setup with one for small and quick jobs.


This might help for those small quick jobs.

This is @Pure_Water_Window_Cl setup…

Shurflo to WFP. what adapters? connect hoses - #4 by Pure_Water_Window_Cl

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Love this tank! Never runs out!

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looks nice, how is it secured?

Not very well! Just the wood frame and a couple ratchet straps to the bed hooks.

Take the back roads and drive slow! Although I usually only fill it half way.

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