Pimping Your Unger 0° Swivel

Many folks who have tried the Unger 0° swivel handle love the versatility of it but the most common complaint comes from having to loosen the two nuts and bolts to change out the channels/rubber.

If you have an Ettore Super System handle lying around, you can remove the quick-release mechanism from it and use it on the Unger. The screw holes are the same distance apart. You will still be using the Unger plate as this will keep it a clipless system. Remember to use the springs in between the nuts and the holding plate.

Note: I had to drill out the screw holes a bit on the Unger because the Ettore screws were too tight; you need play.

How Your Pimped Out Unger Handle Should Look Like.

Thanks Mark!
I think the reason I couldn’t get it to work earlier was because I tried to do it with this quick release on this handle…

Thanks Mark, will try it when I have some time.
I don’t have to remove or loosen the screws to change channels, but it takes a lot to keep it open to replace them

How do you change your channels on an Unger 0° handle without loosening the screws?

Are we talking about the same handle? There is a 0° swivel and a regular angled swivel. The regular angled swivel doesn’t need the screws loosened, you just press the tension plate to release.

Thanks Mark, I just started trying my new Unger 0 degree and I think it’s great with your modification it will make the handle even better. My next handle to try will be the Ettore Contour Pro it also can be used at a 0 degree angle, this is what WCR is all about in my opinion the best resource out there

[FONT=Verdana]The contour pro doesn’t need any pimping a plus for Ettore, but I like the feel of the Unger better. I suppose you could just change the back plate on the Unger if you don’t mind using clips. Tighten it down just enough to keep the channel snug but loose enough to pull the channel out to change sizes. The Ettore super system quick release handle pimping is the ultimate way to go though.[B] A regular Ettore handle quick release mechanism will not work, because the screws are to short, it has to be a Super System handle.[/B][/FONT]

I would like to see unger replace the plate on the 0 deg with one from their ergo tech so you don’t have to use clips and the rubber could be changed in less than a couple seconds… I tried putting an Unger ergo tech plate in a contour pro last week but found out that they are different enough that it just won’t work.

Ettore said that the Europeans get this feature though… maybe we will soon!

I think he meant he was interested in trying the Contour pro in general, not for modification purposes.

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]That’s what I meant when I said it doesn’t need any pimping. The Unger has a better feel to me than the Ettore contour pro, but it needs pimping. I feel it is worth the extra effort to modify the Unger because I like it better than Ettore at Zero degees. Others might say “forget about the modifying hassels, I’ll just go with the Ettore Contour Pro.” [/FONT][/COLOR]

Nothing beats the Unger zero degree swivel handle once the quick release from the Ettore Super System is incorporated for convenience.

It blows my mind that Unger does not supply the zero degree swivel handle with a quick release mechanism.

But once the mod is made it’s the best zero degree swivel handle out there. And it’s clipless.

I don’t care for the Ettore Contour Pro + handles at all. I gave my first one away and then got another one for free at the trade show. I just don’t have any use for it.

Then you know where you can send this one, don’t you!:D;)

Hey Tony, It’s yours! PM me your mailing address and I’ll send it your way. It’s the model for standard size channels. Better that someone who uses the Contour have it than someone who doesn’t use them.

Thanks Richard. I’ll send the pm.:slight_smile:

I wish Unger had a 0° model option with their XL ErgoTec handle.

Me too. That would be fantastic!

Does this handle work with a pickle or any other wide body channel?


Many are hoping that Unger will soon make a 0° version of their Ninja Squeegee (a wide body squeegee).

Thanks Mark. That’s a bummer.

The only option for a 0 degree wide body would be the ettore contour pro plus super system then I guess? Or is there another you know of?

I’m wondering if it might be possible to loosen the screws on the underside of the Ettore Pro Plus handle enough to allow it to accept the Ninja channel. If it works that would be sweet until Unger comes out with a zero degree Ninja. I’ll have to tinker with it later and see if it works.

I have both the 0 degree Unger Swivel Lock and the contour pro plus. I “pimped” out my swivel lock as soon as I got it, by the way :slight_smile:
The swivel lock is nice because it swivels better than the contour Pro + … being able to adjust the amount of swivel with a simple knob is unbeatable for pole work. I don’t have mad fanning skills so I need a bit of tension. It seems like the better a person is at pole fanning, the less tension they need (to a point). That’s what’s so great about the swivel lock - excellent tension adjustability!

However, once I got my controur pro +, I soon realized that (for me) it was way more convenient for everyday non-pole use. It is sooo versatile. Being able to switch from 40 degrees to zero in 2 seconds is awesome. Plus because it is super easy to pop a new channel into it. Channels slide in and out of it easier than the swivel lock.

Bottom line: pole work = 0 degree swivel lock
In hand work = contour pro +