Portable Pure Water Set-up!

Just got my portable pure water system set-up in my trailer today and will get to try it out tomorrow.
60 gallon poly tank, Shurflo pump and flow controller from WCR, smart marine battery box w/an Interstate deep cycle battery, and my friend fabricated the top using some heavy gauge stainless steel. Everything comes apart easy so I can switch between my truck and trailer. I think have around $500 invested in it.


That looks nice and clean. You’ll love using pure water from a portable tank.

Nice looks slick. Let use know how it works out.

Got to tell you guys I love having the pure water tank set-up after using it for about a month, the Wash-it Pro is starting to sit at home more often. Originally I thought I’d use it just for the job sites with poor water quality and or pressure, but when you can just press a button and have water instantly, why spend time lugging that heavy cart around!? Also the other advantage with the pump and the WCR flow controller is always having a very constant flow rate, never have to keep switching the jets.

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Do you feel like you could
Run 2 poles off of the flow if you needed to?

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More than likely it would have enough flow, I’m running about 150’ of hose and the controller is only set at 32. With a 60 gallon tank I went through about 35-40 gal in about 3 hrs running full bore.

How are you replenishing your water supply?

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When I get home at the end of the day I just hook it up to my Wash-It and let it fill, takes a little over an hour maybe.

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I like this idea , also you don’t have to worry about your wash it getting stolen from your truck

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What vehicle do you have?

It’s in an enclosed 5 x 8 trailer. I purchased the tank from plasticwatertanks.com they have about any size tank you can imagine. You can obviously buy a tank for less at farm/ranch stores but I wanted a custom fit and a low profile.

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Does the battery box have an on off switch?


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Thats a cool little set up… Nice work!


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I have to admit the Wash-iT PRO only has wheels for occasional use … it seems to have confused some people - if it has wheels, it must be moved.

The most efficient way to use any on-demand pure water system is to leave it bolted in your vehicle as if it were a static mobile unit … run the hose from the spigot to the system, and from the system to the farthest corner of the job …

This is not to day that a small tank system is not PERFECT - it is !!!

you are on the right track !

Hey Ryan, what ID hose are you running? 3/16" or 1/4"?

[MENTION=855]KleenGleem[/MENTION]: 3/16, I like all the quick disconnects options and the ease of pulling it through landscaping.

No, doesn’t need one because the flow controller already has one.

I have the same set up. I think my surflo Is 1.8 gpm at 60 psi.
And running 100’ 3/8id with 50’ 5/16id water fed hose
And my controller runs at 65-75. @wagon on me man got some questions for ya!