Pressure washer question

I can’t remember how to log into the PWRA so if this isn’t cool to post a pressure wash question I apologize. Anyway I think my pump burned out. Got to a job and water would not come out of the pump, nothing. Disconnected the hose and everything. Anyway, I could use some help or suggestions as to what pump (exact model) would be a good match for my Honda gx390. I was running 4gpm/4200psi with the pump that burned out. Thanks.

may sure your filter where you connect your supply hose is clear

I would call monday. Ask for Cody or Amber. I recommend a general pump. If not, a CAT pump is a good cheaper alternative.


Thank you sir.

Put the same one in. At least same pressure. If you increase itll bog too much. Just make sure dimensions are the same for hook up.

For sure, I think I wanted to avoid getting a fully plumbed pump. That way I can replace certain sections when the go out. What do i have to look for In the description of pumps to know if it will fit my Honda engine

You can make any pump fit any engine. I just replaced both of my honda engines with predator engines and used the existing pumps. The only thing you have to adjust or possibly replace is your belts.

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Why not right. All the engine does is power the pump.

Very false

Yeah idk about that one guys. I don’t know everything but I’m 99% positive you can’t just throw any pump on the engine, certain factors play in picking out a pump such as the shaft and what not…right?

I think @Kyle was assuming it was a belt drive machine. Sounds like yours is direct driven?

I would personally take the opportunity to switch to a 5.5gpm gear driven pump. Udor’s are supposed to be the best available. It’ll set you back close to a grand, but is well worth it if you’re washing more than a couple houses a week.

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It’s false if you have a worthless direct drive. Roll with the big boys and get belt driven son.

False again lol

Disagree… direct drives aren’t worthless.

Mine is direct drive. And since Feb that worthless heap has brought in over 30k. With zero issues. Maybe Thats not enough for the big dogs but its only one side of my business. Plenty happy with what i use and it provides the same results.

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Direct drives are fine especially if your not a full time power washer. JMO. If your just adding on to WW , then save the money An get a direct drive till the business starts growing , then upgrade to a higher flow belt drive.
, An that worthless direct drive that you made plenty of money with will become a spare

Direct drive pumps burn out 60% faster than belt driven pumps. I can build a belt driven setup for less than they sell a direct drive unit. Also, if you want to upgrade your pump on a direct drive it’s either impossible or hard to do. I have a belt driven setup that lasted 9 years that we just retired this year. It actually still works great, we just went to a brand new setup mounted in the back of one of our trucks.
Yes direct drive is a “cheaper” option in the short run. But it will not last you. Last thing you want is to be down on a job site. Belt driven is your best option. No experienced guy in this industry will tell you any different.

Our newest setup. 2 4gpm washers, new predator engines electric start, one general pump, one cat pump. 35 gallon buffer tank, 25 gallon chemical tank


I have zero experience with a belt drivin system but I can tell you I’ve been using a direct drive pump with a Briggs and Stratton engine for the last 7 years. This is the exact machine.

It starts every time but I’m religious with changing the engine and pump oil. I use 93 octane with an ethanol nutrulizer. I also change the spark plug every year. I log a LOT of hours on this machine but take very well care of it.

Decided to just run it til it dies. I’ll let you guys know when it klunks out.

I am by no means an expert whatsoever but I do know this machine has been good to me for the money.

Would love to upgrade to an 8gpm setup eventually but until then I’ll stick with this ol’ faithful.

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