Pricing based on neighborhood

Wasn’t sure if this should be residential or marketing…

Does anyone have an opinion or advice about doing “standard pricing” based on neighborhoods and house sizes? My thought is to provide a flat price based on the bedroom (3 bed, 4 bed, 5 bed, etc.). But, the caveat is pricing it based on relative income statistics. One neighborhood, I know, has a relatively lower income base than the one I live in, thus I would offer prices at a reduced amount, whereas say my neighborhood would be higher (granted the homes are bigger with more windows and more two stories.

Would this be feasible or do you think I’m setting myself up for failure? Thank you.

Also, I was thinking of offering several discounts. Discount for semi annual and quarterly. If they elect subscription based service (monthly charge), then they receive a slightly elevated discount.

If you have cookie cutter subdivisions, you can use this as a start if you like. However, there are a few things to remember:

  1. Most homeowners will not want to remove their own screens, they want those who know how to do the work
  2. Not all homes have trees and bushes in the same location. Even not all homes are the same height to all windows (foundation differences due to grade)

Good and fair points. Thanks for your input. How would you approach the tree and shrubbery with regards to pricing?

I have all of my exterior only windows cleaning customers remove their screens before I do an exterior only.

If they want me to remove them it’s $99, remove and install is $149… screen cleaning is $3/screen… charge more, make more, get rid of those low ballers

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This looks like you’re thinking way too hard, just price per job and save yourself an aneurism.


All I can say is “Wow”. A 3 bedroom house can have 3 to 4 windows per bedroom, 1 to 2 kitchen windows, 1 to 2 bathroom windows, 2 - 3 dining room windows, a den/office with 2 to 4 windows, 4 to 6 sliding glass doors - assume the high side of 15 windows and 6 sliders, entryway windows, tracks and screens - inside and out minimum around $321.
You really should try per window pricing or factor pricing.
But a 5 bedroom home is really large - huge - $169 in/out? Many times screens remove from the outside, if the homeowner has to remove them then you are missing the opportunity to charge for them.



Good advice. To put it in perspective, this neighborhood, the 3 bed is no more than 1300-1500 square feet. Generally speaking g, 2 sliding doors, 4 windows in the living/dining room, one window per spare bedroom and two windows in the master. Usually one, maybe two windows per bathroom. The bigger homes are less than 3000 square feet and have maybe only a couple more windows than the 3 bed.

I think I always overlook that our region is mostly retired. They don’t want to hurt themselves more.

@dan1488 other than thinking of a Monty Python joke about shrubbery, just price accordingly. Some people really overgrow their flora and you will literally loose your shirt.


Save some pain and price by pane

Consider this for pricing. Adjust prices as needed.


This is cool. Did you make this, or download from somewhere?

I saw something similar years ago so made my own with Adobe Illustrator.

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I have been charging as follows:
All Screens - $1.00 per screen washed with a Xero Pure Screen Cleaning System
All Normal Windows Outside Only - $5.00 per window (3rd story must be done from inside)
All Normal Windows Inside/Outside - $8.00 per window
All Normal Windows w/ French Style Panes on Top Only Inside/Outside - $9.00 per window
All Normal Windows w/ French Style Panes on Top and Bottom Inside/Outside - $10.00 per window
Any Storm Window (Besides Normal Storm Doors 2 Panes) - $16.00 per window, All windows must open properly and have no obstructions in front. Also all storm clips must be working.
I can do about 15 windows an hour personally depending on the style of window.

This price includes all glass depicted, the outside window frame will be wiped down(just a simple wipe down.) and the window sills are brushed out with a chip brush then after the window is cleaned they are towel dried with a trash towel. I have been providing this price for 2 years now, I recently upgraded from $7.00 for all windows and $14.00 for storms. Doing it this way allows me to give estimates over the phone as well. I find this price point allows me to get enough customers and stay super busy and very profitable. I currently have 2 employees and myself. After running my business for 3 years full time there is more business then I can keep up with at the New Jersey Shore.

Some people charge outrageous prices for French Style Panes. If you have squeegees cut to the pane size you can breeze through these windows almost as fast as a normal window.


FYI, see if your local market allows for a higher charge per screen clean. Ours does and it really fits well as you usually spend more than a minute per screen (remove, install, clean).


People leave so much money on the table.

$5/screen using the screen cleaner as an up-sell has added on average $120 per job getting deep clean screen cleaning


My guess is that your pricing is very low for your market. Our prices are higher in the south. If you’re busy and profitable, great, but don’t leave too much on the table.

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Curious why:

  • Only $1.00 for screens? Remove the screen, clean screen, reinstall screen - time is money. At least $2, better at $3.
  • Only $3.00 extra to go inside and clean interior windows and tracks, not mess up the floor or furniture. Dirty tracks when wet get muddy, charge for that!
  • French panes only $9.00? What if the french pane door has 15 divided panes, 3 across and 5 down? What if the French pane window has 6 panes across and 5 down, that is 30 individual panes with frames. Imagine if you charged 75¢ or $1 per pane? Do the math.

$7 per pane in/ out. $4 per pane outside only. $2.00 per screen. $5 per side of the house a ladder or pole is needed. Price varies depending on several factors. Not that dirty then lower, really dirty then higher. Picky customer, lots of furniture or outside obstacles higher. 5% discount for service every 6 months and 20% discount for service 4 times per year. Repeat customers save advertising dollars or time soliciting so get them a deal if they get on a schedule. Also this is not hard pricing that never gets changed its average. Find a per pane price and you will learn how to adjust it based upon interior step ladder work, bushes, climbing on rooftops to get a window, customer with difficult to remove screens. Get some flat rates and then learn how to adjust.

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So first of all know your worth and that you offer a luxury service. LUXURY SERVICE. 7.50 a window exterior only. Glass only. Tracks are 1 screens are 3 . $10 a window I&O plus ur price for screens and tracks.

I found a system that worked well for me in a lot of my cookie-cutter-esk parts of town. I created door hangers that gave a special deal, windows inside and out and screen cleaning, I created a $200 and a $300 hanger. With that type of neighborhood, $200 worked for darn near every house, was even a bit extra from what I’d normally charge, and if the house looked like a little more work I’d throw the $300 one on instead. Worked really great for me. When I’m in “get as much work as possible” mode, pricing things like this so that 75% of the time you make a little extra, it won’t bother you the 5% you make a little less, and it can get some really good returns if your marketing is on point.