Property Managers

So we talk about property managers here quite a bit. Does anyone here do a lot of property manager work?

Who does a lit bit?

We do a little bit, but of course are looking to do more. In the past we have just taken what has come our way, but never really put a campaign in place to pro actively aquire it. I need to get that moving. Does any one have some insight, suggestions, or recommendations for me?


This is going to be Ground work, PM are difficult to get and will work a referral inside their own networks.

What I mean for ground work is actually a visit by someone. Mail email and other forms of advertisement is worthless to these folks. They never get them, if they do its Rare.

I service 16 out of the 20 big boys in this industry.

second you will rarely get all the work from a larger one. Having a Piece can change your life.

Good Luck with this and if you have specific questions please call

I take down a few numbers for leasing adgents when im out bidding commerical, then call the “for lease” number, usually takes about 2-3 people to get through until i get the property manager. They are usually a little stand offish, but i just ask them if i can send packet of literature in the mail or by e mail. I push for calling when they need a one time clean for a showing, then you are on the top of their list. For the most part, all of the PMs tell me when they need a window cleaner they just google it, maybe we should be spending more on SEO?

Dave could I take a peak at your packet of literature?

So what exactly is everyone sending when they get asked to “send over information”?

I’ve gotten a few through friends who have a friend on an HOA board for condominiums. What wins them over tends to be the WFP work and avoiding the use of lifts and added expenses to the bid.

Also, most PMs seem use a form of interior Cleaning Service Companies that already do maintenance or carpets, etc. I’ve found my way in through them - just partner with a cleaning company, usually they’ll do bathroom mirrors and a some interior, but when it comes to ladder-work or exteriors they’ll come running to you.

What about fishing for leads from your current customer base? These people are a part of churches, professional buildings and offices, or realtors - find a way to reward them (1 free cleaning…50% off…idk) by sliding a job your way.

I’m interested in “Send Over Info” as well. I grabbed the WCRA proposal packets and included:

Cover Sheet
Cover Letter
Bid Sheet (if applicable)
Customer Reviews
Insurance Info
Bond Info

…does “the more the better” apply here? They may never read the whole thing, but if I throw in 2 pages of unsolicited customer reviews, it couldn’t hurt if they just thumbed through it, right?

BTW: WCRA packets are AMAZING!

Our company just joined a large BNI group about a month ago and there is a property manager we are trying to get in good with in the group. She’s tried us out on her own home, but I think she’s waiting to see if we stick in the group before she gives us more work. Her company manages a lot of properties, commercial and residential, so I’m really hoping we can do some business.

Go big on taking the headache out of the difficult windows for them & mention the safety & bootee’s aspect. They usually have their own cleaners for the easy stuff. Try to quote the whole house at the same time - but only at the inspection part.

Up here a lot of the high end builders and renovators have started to doing property management on the houses they build, and their neighbors. The high end guys always have work.

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Listen to Ron! haha

Dave I do not mean to argue with you but I rarely get a PM google me for anything. Trust me its not because I can’t achieve the rank or placement I need.

These folks are solicited heavily and people are at there doorstep daily.

Great Advice, I told Chris about this on a phone call weeks back, please understand this you have to put in to receive. Joining is not good enough.

Thanks Chris, you never thought it would be so easy.

Please forgive my ignorance. What is a “BNI”?

Business Networking International

I would see if your area has it’s own small group first, focus efforts on those.

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I’ll send it right in the morning

Do you do much with IREM?

You been talking to DJ…" Integrated Research, Evaluation, and System Analysis Model"

Not is a conventional Sense, I have molded my systems and seldom track and evaluate like this.

As you know that when your targeting like we do each customers is going to have different strategies.

The fundamental of he program remain the same for all in this program. Changing this up from one to the next may never be the same.

Using it from a book is ok, its going to keep you on track.