Pure Water on Skylights

True or False

why dont you ask Troy Liposec Larry

I respect Troy a great deal, as you probably already know.

I’m interested in the opinions of WCR members at this time (and Troy is a member here.)

well it does spot dude…

You’ve mentioned your poor results with a WFP in the past here.

you dont even use a wfp…

Drama… Seems like if you like and have a feel for the WFP then your going to learn how to use it effectively and to perfection eventually. I DON’T use a WFP, but I do mainly residential and for the store front I have it would be out of the question. Just me theorizing… Skylights have a lot of junk on and around them. It seems pretty hard(in theory, mind you) to get the rinsing after the scrubbing just right. Maybe if you pre-treated it w/ gg4 as Mr. Robinson says, but doesn’t that defeat the purpose as far as skylights are concerned?


I’ve had great results when cleaning skylights with my WFP. In fact a few weeks ago we did a small atrium like room (they called it their breakfast room) and the glass came out perfect.

Dido Seth,
I clean all my skylights on steep roofs with my wfp. If there is gunk it gets a razor or a scrubbing with 6 inch soapy strip washer with an angle adapter. When I clean the inside they usually look fine.
Sometimes I have to ask the customer for a pass on quality but this is rare, only if the skylight was really bad and on a very steep roof.

I use WFP/pure water on skylights that are too steep to walk. I will do a pre-scrub with soap (GG-4) on an extension pole (using the Blue Max scrubber)when needed but sometimes just the pure water is sufficient.

If there are a lot of tall trees around the home the skylights get more debris on them. That’s when a pre-scrub with soap is in order.

The pre-scrub with soap is not defeating the purpose of using a WFP. It actually allows me to use the WFP so I don’t have to risk my life on a dangerous steep roof.

That comment is not germane to this thread.

off topic, but I love your avatar


I also have been doing all the skylights that have came my way this year with the WFP to very positive results. Sure there are situations where some drip for varying reasons, but overall it is the way to go for me.

This shouldn’t be to prove someone wrong though…if you are having problems accomplishing results with the WFP then maybe there is an issue with your scrubbing technique.

Have you asked Doug?

To some degree it is. I did not know you do not use a WFP Larry. Being germane is to be pertinent and fitting. So his comment is relevant.

You started a thread to prove to a guy whether WFP’s work or don’t work on skylights. It seems odd that you would pose that having not used a pole yourself, if that is indeed the case.

Cue the dysfunctional dissecting…

The reason his comment is not relevant is because a poll was set up for members to provide their opinion. Whether I use a WFP has nothing to do with the opinions of others. At this point, the poll is at 8 to 1 against the provided statement.

Just like I do with most windows, I dial 'em in during the first clean. So I scrape them if they need it. On subsequent cleans, I WFP those suckers and they look great.

his question is kinda relevant larry, why would you even care if you didnt use a wfp. I dont do scratch removal so im not going to post a poll on it.

Why would I even care? What if I wanted to learn something? Or, if I didn’t provide WFP service, what if I was doing some research for a future purchase? Or, perhaps I doubted the bold statement posted, and wanted to confirm it. Or, …

By your logic (and that of Doug and Dwight), no one should ask a question about a product or service unless they own it or provide.

How does any learnin’ get done?