Rags, Microfibers, & Threadcount

Hi All. Not sure where to categorize this post, I thought there was a section for tools but I couldn’t seem to find it. Anywayz…

I recently started using microfiber cloths to detail my windows. I know they’ve been around for a while but I used to buy them from the hardware store and thought that they were useless for anything but wiping sills but… Home Depot recently started carrying microfibres from Unger. A 3 pack for around $6.50. Needless to say, for anyone who has used a high quality microfibre, these highly outperform a huck/ surgical towel.

Now the obvious difference is the thread count. Just like with any fabric product, higher thread count = softer, smoother, more durable, and therefore more absorbent (and in our case more useful) towel.

I’m not aware of any companies who sell microfibres that list their thread count. Are you?

The Unger Microswipes are $5+ each. I’m all for supporting WCR but at that price Home Depot is a better deal. I’m aware that these probablly aren’t the exact same product but for around $2+ each they work pretty good.

Does anyone know of a company that lists the thread count of their microfibre towels? Any thoughts/ comments/ recommendations?

Thanks in advance

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As far as WCR’s stuff, I don’t know. What I do know is, everything I have bought there, has been QUAILTY stuff.

Are the sizes the same?

I don’t even use MF cloths. Only thing that touches the glass for me is a scrim.


Without a doubt wcr sells quality supplies. I’m sure I could buy any of their mf cloths and they would work great. and i own a few scrims, I a big fan but for the cost huck towels are the better buy. and mf out perform both. I just feel like there should be a standard way to measure the quality of the cloth we’re buying. Like sheets, the qualtity can be measured by threadcount. I feel that cloth is like any other product we spend $ on and should be measured by specs.

I think the HD towels are a bit smaller than the microswipes. maybe 12x12…not 100% sure on size.

I’d disagree with you about MFs being the best. I know scrims are top of the work return for me. MF’s are actually the least desirable towel for me.


the big problem with microfibre is that the name relates ONLY to the fact that the fibers are micro and there are MANY other extremely important factors that are not alluded to when we say microfiber.
take for example ungers polishing pad which is i understand lousy but their cleaning pad which looks almost identical is great.
unless you are identifying a specific maker and type of cloth saying microfiber is about as descriptive as saying you have vehicle when someone asks you how you get around or do you have a pet? “yes we have an animal, it’s great you should get one”.

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I totally agree. Seeing as how it’s such an important (and probably high selling) product in our business I feel like the specs should be listed on each rag. Like a wfp. The manufacturers obviously know what makes a good mf cloth and it should be disclosed as to what they are selling. Unless they’re scared of competition. I don’t mean to be synical but in my experience it’s always better to educate the customer as to why your product is better as opposed to keeping them in the dark. It just breeds distrust.

edit: If I just knew what to look for in a good mf cloth I could actually compare the ones sold by sponsoring companies to competiters instead of assuming I was being mislead because of lack of info. I know most other business’s selling mf cloths don’t state thread count either but I feel a professional supply company should.

ya know?

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Once you use scrim… You Never go back to using anything else!!! Best purchase I made this year!


We got a pack of Zwipes microfiber towels on Amazon to try. The product info says they have 90,000 fibers per square inch. I don’t know if that will help to compare to others. I wanted them more for house cleaning, but @apkwindows likes them for windows. I love the lighter blue surgical towels for windows, which are not always easy to find.

Hey, i recently plopped 6-7bucks for the same micro fiber from home depo (3pk). THEY ROCK! the suck up water like i have never seen before! best $7 buck investment i made for w/c. fyi: i have never used hucks or skrims or surgical towels so i can not compare them. i also bought another type of microfiber from home depo the next week. these towels are very fluffy compared to the expensive ones and the do an ok job, the were just, i think 2-3 bucks for like a six pack…huge difference. they are my sloppy window wipes and the good ones are the detailers only. i need to get a few more packes just in case to disapear.

I’ve used scrim. I like them but imo I don’t they work that much better than a huck towel can’t justifyand seeing as how I have 20-30 lbs of hucks I can’t justify replacing them with scrims for what they cost. Microfibres on the other hand I feel are much than both and I’m willing to spend some money on them I just want to get a “good” deal. I don’t expect them to be SUPER cheap but I don’t want to get ripped off. I’m going to do some experimenting and will post here if I find anything worth talking about

@Erica That does help. Thank you. Now if they other companies would share the same info we could actually compare cost vs quality between competitors.

@zenpix agreed they do ROCK! But I don’t want to pay $2+ a piece.

Anyways if anyone has anymore useful info or experience please share. Seems like there’s a lack of discussion on rags. I know they’re as interesting as WFP and liquidators but they are so essential that there should really be more info out there.

Those twenty or thirty pounds of hucks take how long to fold or lay flat and put away? How much room in your vehicle do they take up? How bad do they stink when you have a wet bucket full at the end of the day? I’d think you can replace five pounds of those hucks with one scrim because it dries so quickly. You’ll probably always need a few hucks during the day but you can skip doing the laundry a few days if you’ve got several scrims. When I get home, I like to be deep couch sitting instead of folding Damn hucks half the night. Just my .02


I use ONE scrim all day long. Scrims are for detailing windows. Hucks are for sill wiping and catching odd drips and water that is NOT on the glass.

I carry ONE scrim on my belt, and 3-4 hucks (per job).

2 Gallons of window cleaning juice, lasts me all day too. I don’t drench glass.

Ditto on the rags per job. I’ve improved hugely on the rag usage once i got a scrim. I use hucks like some guys explain using a sea sponge. I’m just now learning not to douche the Windows do much. On a first clean sometimes but not somuch in maintenance cleans. Except when it’s a million degrees with 4 percent humidity here in Arizona, then a dripping wet backflip is my only tool.

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Thats a lot of juice for a day.

I said juice, not soap. :grin:

@wcs. You don’t use that much or more on a full day of storefront?

I know… :wink:

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My water is black after two or three stops, I have to change it out. What is a tip to avoid turning the water black like that so fast? Only wash clean Windows? :grinning:

Your in an different environment from me, your in Az dust blows on a constant bases there sso your going to need more water then me.
Sorry no magic solution here! :wink: