Rain-X window protectant

I had a request today from a customer that wants her windows cleaned and Rain-X applied. I have never applied Rain-X or any other window treatment and was wondering what would be best to use, easiest to apply and how much to charge per standard window.

Any help is much appreciated!!!

I’ve heard that Rain-X is the easiest to apply but I’m not sure how long it will last. Ettore has a good system called Glass Guardian that they say will last anywhere from 1-2 years depending on the frequency of cleanings.

Glass Guardian is supposed to be the best but it is labor intensive. and have private label glass protection products that wash on and squeegee off.:cool:

I’ve been using Rain-X mixed in my cleaning solution until last week, when I ordered my first WFP.
Just throw a few drops in there and you’re done.
Don’t wanna start a debate like the GG4 vs Dawn but it seems to help to keep the windows cleaner a little longer, and that’s one of the reasons why I decided to “discontinue” it use.
Used to charge like $1/window as an addon, but if they didn’t wanna pay for it I used it anyway, I believe that makes my job easier next time.

I often refer to Rain-X sometimes as examples, but never used it. Hum… I’ll give it a try

I offer it as a Hydrophobic additive, and tell them that “is like the Rain-x that you use on your windshield”.

Give it a try, $6 a bottle and last long time, not a lot to loose there.

Can the Rain-X that you apply to your windshield be applied to house windows? Or is there some other form of it made specifically for house windows?

I have heard of using rain-x before. But just thought it was a scam. I guess I shall re-think this observation.

Rain x works ok but not for long in my area. only a few rains or so. sani shield is about the same. I like A-maz. One thing to watch out for is how much you put on. A little does the trick. To much and you will be buffing on it forever!

Rain-X Washer Fluid Additive: Automotive : Walmart.com This is the rain-x I use if the customer wants it I charge double the cost plus I charge for the time it takes to apply it which is usually filling an extra bucket of water mixed with the solution nothing else scrubbing on and waiting for it to dry then scrubbing again after its dried and squeeging it off while the second application is still wet. It works great and will last at least a month and up to a year I suppose but I would seriously suggest it only lasts up to six months for legitimate protection.

Depending on exposure and temperatures I would say it needs to be re applied every 3-6 months I have a customer that I reapply every 3 months to protect from sprinklers and I never have to treat for hard water because it comes right off from the rain-x being applied each time.

I am looking at my sliding glass door on my home which I taped off splitting the window vertically last November and applied RainX to half and straight wash on the other half. With a clear defined taped line one would assume to see a difference and there is zero. I looked at it once or twice a month since doing it and never noticed any difference is how clean it was…just my 2 cents.

I have used NanoUltra to make the glass sheet better, with I think good results ( Very expensive.). I would never deliberately make glass that I had to clean again to be hydrophobic.

Are there any latest comments on this subject of Rain_X or?

Can anyone add there .02 on rain x , does it work ?

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From the RainX website faq section…

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I don’t know how well it works though…sorry I couldn’t be more help

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I had to fire a new $10k+ a year client because the prior window cleaners (against their better judgement) had applied Rain X for years. The windows are uncleanable now.

I have a friend here in Dunedin, NZ (not a window cleaner), who used RainX on all of his house windows over a year ago. Ran into him a week or so back. He is absolutely rapt. Has hosed (read, not bladed or brushed) his windows ONCE and they still are up to his wife’s quite stringent standards. bit annoyed actually as I was hoping to get a call… :slight_smile: Not saying this is THE answer, but, it certainly appears to be AN answer, for some glass.

Uncleanable with a WFP, or just uncleanable period?

I use RainX on windows that get buildup from sprinklers the customer refuses to correct. I apply it with a cotton, polishing bonnet. It lasts between cleans, and even though it does take some time to apply, it is cheaper than dealing with the time scrubbing the buildup takes.