Rate my domestic clean flyer

I am thinking of getting involved in general domestic cleaning over the coming months to combat the likely fall of people looking to have windows cleaned over the winter.

I am no flyer artist and just threw together a simple flyer on microsoft word in the last hour.

What do you think of it?..do you think it is of acceptable standard to distribute?

Any suggestions or critiscisms would be gratefully accepted.

thanks Rob.

another format:abc.doc (963 KB)

Hey Rob.

Congrats on taking the plunge and starting to get involved with the most important part of your window cleaning business - your marketing machine.

You may want to check out the “marketing” threads in other places on this forum, they are LOADED with some critiques and re-works of other flyers from our fellow window cleaners, and I think you’ll find lots of great ideas that you can steal and use for your flyer too!

I would suggest a solid read of those areas on the forum first, and then tackle a design again.

I would also suggest using this forum’s “search” function, and trying the words “flyer” or “flier”

That being said, here are some things that are already good about your existing flyer:

[INDENT][I]1. “coupon” angle
2. clear call-to-action
3. personal name included somewhere[/I][/INDENT]

Keep it up! Keep learning how to effectively market your company and your services, it’s going to be a VERY lucrative investment of your time.

Much appreciated kevin.

Hi Rob,
You may be interested in this guys website: http://build-a-business.com/

He is more janitor based & his newsletters give a load of advise. I think you can also download files for this sort of work including flyers etc.

I knew from the start this was not a quality flyer.

I distributed 350 early on the 6th…thats 2 whole days for me, going by my time, they have been out for almost 60 hrs.

No response at all…phone is dead.

Except for one smart a** complaining that the way in which the flyer was stuffed in his letter box was not very exemplary of a cleaning company, some people just have no life.

Just thought i would share.

p.s thanks Karl i had a look into that.

I would like to see a little more explanation on how your service benefits me. What is your “Kitchen package”? Maybe it is a unique selling point that you turn into a question mark. Don’t mention it in passing like we should know what it is, push the fact you offer this great service.

I hate % off. I only do a dollar amount as they know exactly how much they get off. I offer a lesser dollar amount than % and the dollar amount always wins. So I make more and sell more!