Really dirty window

what is alternative scrubber to use on a really dirty window that wont scratch? one that hasnt been cleaned for a good while. i tried using common scrubber but it wasnt abrasive enough to break up greasy grimy windows.
or should i prewash them w/ common scrubber and alternative solution stronger than soap?

Scrubbers won’t scratch the window. Can you take a photo of what you’re using? What is on the glass that soap won’t take off? Is it grease from where a bar b que was at or something? As long as there is no sand type of “dirt” on the glass it won’t scratch the glass.

Photo’s would really help in giving you an answer. Otherwise, it’s difficult to guide you in the right direction, but I highly doubt its your scrubber.

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Know put this up on another post but is you use this it will get it off better as you will have the scrubbing power .
Simple to make.
Also allows you to get right into the corners.

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Microtiger. It’s all I use since most of my windows are like that.

Uploading… standard under scrubber that fits on t-bar. this is what i was using.

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Some people use #0000 steel wool and they make non stratch abrasive pads

What was on the glass? Hardwater stains? Screen burn? Algae?

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If your talking about restaurant windows, white scrubby pad or a damp (not wet) microfiber towel works good with your normal solution.

Will micro fiber scratch windows at all? I used those yellow ones from Costco with bio clean for some hard water removal once and it did put a little swirl on the glass. You could only see it if you stood against the glass and looked up. Never used them again for it. I usually use the white terry cotton ones with no problems.

Jared! you’re back! i’ve missed your imput


If the microfiber is clear of debrie it wont scratch. You must of picked up some debrie from the minerals on the shower door that was released from the surface by the bio clean.

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Sorry, I was referring to the window you are trying to clean. It looks like you are a window cleaner right? Have you been doing it very long? Please don’t be offended by the question, just trying to gauge your level of expertise is all.

So now we know that you’re using the right scrubber, just need to know the material you’re trying to remove off the glass is all. Any of us can guide you from there.

Again, photos would really help but a good description would probably do just fine.

If its grease like you mentioned, use a good degreaser. Simple green is good, so is stuff that is citrus based (SOMETIMES). The trick is not to let the degreaser dry on the glass. Scrub with a sea sponge. It’ll hold your chemical well and rinse well too. It has as much scrub power as a white pad in most cases and will hold liquid while the white pad won’t hold liquid very well at all.

Hope that helps.


Grease=a lot of dawn/ammonia plus #0000…may have to do it 3 or 4 times…or some DI water might help pull it of the glass with a mirco or huck towel

greasy is one thing, dirty another. Steel wool is excellent on dirty,
lots of soap on greasy.


i was cleaning the back patio doors, double doors w/ small divided panes. the house has 4 small kids so all kinds of smudges, food, greasy smudges, sticky spots. no algae though. what is a porcupine washer? i saw that on ettore website.
whats the difference between porcupine washer and regular washer? someone did mention steel wool. i think that would have worked better. i ended up using a “scrub daddy” that i had. it worked but took some pressure. i used it bc the glass was tempered and scrub daddys are non abrasive. i just wanted to get your suggestions on what you use for really dirty windows. i didnt hv any steel wool. i think that would have worked. however steel wool rusts so easily!

that makes sense. i did have to do each side twice. between using my washer and a scrub daddy that i had.

General stuff like that typically comes off with some soapy water and some elbow grease. A white scrub pad or super fine steel wool (0000) would do the trick. I dont care for steel wool because of the rust either but its cheap enough that you can use a new one when you need to. You can also order bronze wool (size 000) which doesnt rust.

A porcupine has some little “quills” or bristles that make scrubbing a little easier.


Some TSP and a hogs hair brush. That’s what I use on a brand new storefront account that’s been neglected.


T bars are quick and easy to use, I love them, but they don’t clean anywhere near as well as a hogs hair brush. The brush is heavy so I’d never use it ever day.


Hey Mike your just carrying your brush in the bucket right?