Resin mess

hi there
stupid thing just happened to me.
I was playing with some ball valves and quick connects for my tank today, and I decide to wash my van since I have a job and couple of quotes tomorrow - sun starts to go down, and I took my DI tank to rinse the van because I had no time for drying.

Connections were reversed and I ended up with 2 big handfuls of resin on the driveway which was quickly transfered to a plastic container.

Should I trash that resin or can be washed somehow and put back in the tank ?
If needs to be trashed it can go with regular trash or it has some special way to be disposed ?


wash it down the street

Yep, basically… be careful though, its slippery.
If its only two handfuls, thats not too much of a loss.

I can see your face now Carlos…“Oh, no!!! S%*t!!!”

Matt, was a little more than just S%*t !!

I did that before at a huge country club account. It went all over the grass, it looked like a strange animal had the runs.

Carlos, I’m so glad you posted this. I took my 45"x9" DI tank off of my truck yesterday and brought it inside to protect it from the cold snap that’s coming our way Friday.

I forgot to mark which hose is in and which is out so I could get it right when I hook it back up. I was wondering what would happen if I reconnected it backwards. Thanks to your post I now know what will happen.

I better check with my Culligan man before hooking it back up.

This was a big topic in the UK a couple of years or more a go - especially with the green issue. Spent resin is non-toxic. When it is new its still toxic & should be not washed down the drain, sink or put out to bins/garbage.

At least you have an excuse, my tank has IN and OUT marking each port :slight_smile:

plus yelling


I did try to wash it of my driveway and with the outside lights off and a flashlight looks like there’s powdered gold all over the place :slight_smile:

that resin knows how to shine

Back in May my Culligan man had marked the tank “in” and “out” with a magic marker and I thought it would still be visible. When I got the tank in the house I looked and realized that the markings had vanished completely.

No worry though, I called Mr. Culligan Man and he was able to tell me over the phone which was in and which was out.

He said if you hook it up backwards it’s not so bad if you catch it right away and more importantly that your equipment is not hooked up to it. It would be aweful to have that crap running into your hose reels etc.

So Mr. Culligan actually lets you use his tanks? The local Mr. Culligan in Powdersville won’t rent tanks out to window cleaners, period.

How much does Culligan charge?

My tank has cam quick connects on it. I made short leads for each side, so I don’t have to take them off, that way it’s almost impossible to confuse the two sides.

I rent from Culligan. $100 a month for a two tank set up (cation and anion). Or $50 for 1 mixed bed tank.

Micah, the (44x9) tank rental is $20.00 per month and $136.00 per regen. No carbon filter required and he knows I’m a window cleaner so I guess there’s no problem there. I’ll PM you his location and # if you’d like.

My DI tank is mixed bed resin.

[QUOTE=Alex;28518] be careful though, its slippery.

No Joke. I had a 4.1 cube tank fall and bust open in a wet driveway. hose running on full! it was a mess! The worst part was when the tank fell it shot the head of the tank off and tagged me in the junk. It was okay cuase the water came next and just made it look like I wet myself…alot. It was uh fun…

you pay a month or per tank…mines $50 a tank I use

$50 per month. And around $125 to regen.

I guess I’m lucky…I just pay to rent the tanks…when they go out I just get a new tank for $50…I don’t pay for regen, just a rent fee.