Review my Flyer ! Now!

Had this made up today tell me what you think?:smiley:

I like it personally. I like when customers can actually see a picture of the owners or employees of the company.

When you say “had this made up” do you mean you got that done professionally?

I can’t see anything wrong with it so to speak…i just think that with a flyer there should be a special offer jumping out of the page at the reader enticing them to ring you and learn more, instead your logo and main picture take up alot of space.

What is the condition or terms with the “free screen clean worth $5o” offer?

The customers can only see the back of your head though, that’s hardly personal, they don’t see much:o

I do think its a fine flyer, i am only being constructive in the above comments

how large is it 8.5x11???

I agree mostly with Rob

I think its very visually appealing… BUT there is no real offer.

You need a call to action: Call before sept/21/08 to receive your FREE screen cleaning.

I like the picture of you maybe show your face.

Most importantly though get some type offer up there.

It is very well designed visually it just needs copy. Hopefully Kevin can jump in here.

CFP is on a little vacation hell be back soon.

I like that your selling rain flow… but your customers dont care. They have no idea what it is… Just call it " gutter protection installation or something like that"

Dont get discouraged by this constructive criticism, It will help in the long run.

What about the other side? Are you going to do anything with that space?

Yea my uncle designed it for me. Its less the 8.5x11 has about a 1/2 white border all around it if you can imagine that. Ill tell him this stuff to see what he says. thanks guys.

You’re using Sorbo … no bueno ! :mad:

Just Kidding … looks great and I am just like you are but changing my mind at this precise moment… I was all for looks, a really nicely designed graphic, glossy paper, 110% professional … right now, at this exact moment I’m working on Publisher to get a flyer done and print it on colored paper in my laser printer and deliver that to a couple of neighborhoods that I was scouting this morning. They’re not my target demographics, but I’m not gonna lie, I’ve being doing very little work lately and just want to get some cash flow.
I think that’s not gonna hurt me since I’ll be doing this in some sort of “September Special” only.

Didn’t mean to hijack your thread, but I do think, NOW, that this guys were right all the time, looks is important, core message is the KEY, or OFFER.

Hope that you do allright with that one.


Updated.car_clean_flyer_coupon.pdf (2.62 MB)

Ok I’m not going to jump on this one cause I know 1st hand and so does everyone else. How hard it is to make this stuff. Anyway. I think the offer color should be contrasted to the entire flyer. Totally differant color. I like that you have it preforated. It’s a coupon which in my experience, people like. I ran a coupon for $10.00 off and got more calls then my 20% off ad. Don’t get me wrong there are so many factors as to why my ad could have failed, but I had been told my the news paper sales rep his customers have stated a better response with coupons. I have to say the sales rep is a sharp guy, on the ball with calling for reminding about ads, offering discounts or calling to let know what other companies are running IE holiday ads. Anyway back on topic. The coupon needs a deadline. Your call to action is standard “call today” but I like it. It’s simple and to the point. I have always liked ads like that.

BTW with that company name. Have a very good website built that is SEO’d. You will get great traffic. I get a good 10% of my calls from my website.

hey Carolina Clean!

Listen - this is a beautiful-looking flyer, but your content could definitely be tweaked to make it more about them (the prospective client).

I’m gonna spend some changing it, to demonstrate what I mean, and then see if I can upload a revised version.

Hold tight.


P.S. Very clean design. Loving that part, for sure.

Okey-dokey…I’m now officially ready for bed!

I’ve tried to incorporate some important additions. Please see the uploaded image.

It’s not perfect, but it’s better, and should help you get the juices flowing…

Do people still buy that line?
“Your family & friends will be jealous like crazy”

As soon as I read that - it turns my light out :confused:

First off I did not read everyones response, so forgive me if I mention what has been discussed.

Kevin’s version is pretty darn good in my opinion. It is easy for one of us (who are not like are target customer) to get bent for some line in the entire flier. Would that line bother everyone?

The original version of the flier lacked a lot and had a lot of the turn offs we are told not to do over and over (like big logo at the top)

It is also important that Kevin added personality with lines like “they’ll be jealous like crazy” and using words like pesky.

I would change very little in Kevin’s version.

[B]Karl:[/B] I put that in to keep it real and conversational, and also to connect the service with the human need for acceptance and peer approval. It’s one of those little emotional/psychological triggers that can be very motivating.

Everyone’s different, though, so I guess it could turn some people off (like you!)

I also basically stole some desired positioning from topnotch’s website, too, instead of trying to figure out what angle he should come from.

I’m still looking at marketing in its entirety - perhaps I just found the European difference or perhaps its just me?

…I like the rest of it though :slight_smile:

No, this is all very interesting, considering all reactions and trying to figure out what you like/dislike.

Perhaps a more formal comment would appeal to you…

“Your friends are going to be so jealous…” vs “jealous like crazy”

I really don’t know topnotch’s market, but casual generally outpulls formal. More real. Perhaps this particular lingo isn’t a proper concession for casual, tho

I’d leave friends & family out of it. Perhaps something like “have the best looking glass in the neighbourhood”, but even that smacks of one upmanship.

Fair enough.

This would be a perfect example of where to split-test something, to find out which approach works best. Half and half.

Its quite possible that you’re bang on and your approach will outpull mine above. Just gotta test and find out.

Maybe a challenge for topnotch? (Justin)

Perhaps I’ve been away for civilisation to long. As I said, I know nothing about marketing.