Saad from Pensacola

Hey guys I’m a 29-year-old guy from Pensacola FL looking to start my own window cleaning business.

I’ve been lurking here for a few weeks and I finally decided to make the jump.

My goal with this window cleaning business is to work for myself and catch my current income of 2400/month after expenses.

I look forward to learning a lot from you guys.

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if you work at it that is easy. in fact it is doable on weekends once you are proficient.
no need to leave your old job until you cannot afford to keep it.

edit: i do not mean it is easy to start or operate a wc business i mean that amount of production is doable on weekends well saturdays. but finding organizing etc may be more than you realize.

I almost bought a franchise in Pensacola.

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I trust you are looking at $2,400+ per month take home pay, Owner/Operator pay should be twice that from which you draw your net pay and expenses from.
You can do that part time cleaning windows once you get established and several regular customer while always looking for new ones.

Get this book —> PROFIT FIRST

READ IT cover to cover and make it work for you. Consider this an inexpensive education to your future.

Watch videos from different people about how to clean windows. Even if you think you know how, watch the tips and techniques of others. Certainly some things you can disregard, some things you can hone in on that work best for you.

Be sure to differentiate between a hobby and a business. By that I mean take your venture into self-employ very serious. Shower, shave, dress the image you wish to portray. Window cleaning service is a luxury service, don’t show up like you just finished cleaning windows at the “trailer park”, not that there is anything wrong with that - there are some nice trailer parks, but you get what I’m saying. Residential window cleaning is for people who can afford to pay someone to do their cleaning needs for them. People who don’t generally have dirty windows or just hose them off. Be the professional window cleaning service that they expect (or aren’t expecting for a pleasant surprise).

Get the BOOK.

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Thanks for clarifying, I understand I will have to apply some elbow grease to get my business of the ground for sure.

I currently work six days but I can phase out my hours slowly once I start making good money.

Oh yeah, that’s really awesome.

How far away are you?

By the way, I discovered your YouTube channel yesterday.

I love your content

Thanks Garry, I’ll get the book today and go through it.

Copy that, I will make sure to look professional.

Thanks for the detailed instructions, I couldn’t have hoped for better.

By the way does it matter where I start?

Wether it’s residential or storefronts?
I can afford the basic set (squeegee, sponge, bucket, solution etc…) but I’m not sure about ladders and water fed poles right now.

Edit: yes, I want 2400 in take home pay.

There is no reason to not do both? Don’t have ladders? Don’t market to jobs that need ladders yet. There are plenty of one story houses for the time being. Set aside a few bucks from each job and get a couple of ladders; then you can target more jobs. Most storefronts you just need to learn how to use a pole and squeegee.

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That’s true, I see no reason not to just go out there and try both.

Thank you Garry.

they are very different businesses.
for store front you get smaller amounts of money over longer periods
residential you get more money per job.


Yes I’ll try both and see how things go.

Are you still operating in this cold weather?

no, i run from about apr 15 to early/mid nov. once it starts to get to around 10F we stop. i do wfp only for outside and it just gets to hard.

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Maybe see if gyms and dance studios need their mirrors cleaned. :wink:

I’m in MA.

Glad the content helps out a little.

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Hey Garry I got the book finally.

It’s definitely something I needed for my personal money management.

Mike nailed how I deal with money.

During lean times i can save, budget and get creative like the best of them.

But when I make extra money I start spending like crazy.

I’ll set some sort of profit account for my own job so I actually have a little bit of cash left over at end of the month.

Thank you so much.

By the way, does it makes sense to start marketing right now?

It’s quite cold where I live (30-50 °) but I want to build some momentum with my pitch and marketing slills

I would suggest to market now what you can do now. But I live in Florida so my winters are a non issue other than a rare occasional 1-3 days of freezing or below freezing temperatures, and that is easy to schedule around.
Yes, Mike makes a lot of sense to divide up 100% of whatever income and delegate percentages to cover different needs. His method teaches financial discipline!

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I also live in Florida.

I guess that settles it for me.

Thanks Garry

I can use some financial discipline for sure.

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Cool, where about? I’m in St. Petersburg.
EDIT: Oh duh, never mind, I’m busy doing three things at once - Pensacola I see. LOL

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Hey Garry I started using profit first on my personal finances.

It’s working out pretty at limiting unnecessary spending.

I haven’t gotten any window cleaning clients yet but I’ll definitely have greater control over my finances if I keep that discipline.

Thank you

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