Scatched Glass with my scrapper

Used my scrapper on WET glass to remove a sticker. After squeegeeing the window where i had scrapped, and only from certain angles looks distorted/blurry. The Glass is bran new(not tempered)

It’s a glass insert on an outside door.

Anything that can be done? Cheaply preferably, even if it requires a ton of elbow grease im game

Thanks in advance!

Contact Glass Renu (PM on WCR) or I believe it is SRP and find out who in your area has a system. From there flatter the hell out of em, maybe scratch their back (clean the carpet or gutters).

We had an issue this year where we were accused of scratching the glass. I found a local company who had a system explained my situation and they did the work and charged me employee hours. Worked out well, best of luck to you.

Distorted and blurry sounds like there is still adhesive residue on the surface. Could that be the case?

+1 try some steel wool to get the rest of the sticker off. If their really mild scratches you can try some jewlers rouge and a felt pad on a drill. You have to be carefull on heating the glass up

Wet is irrelevant to this discussion, eh?

well just making sure i mentioned it, so to avoid getting flamed by someone saying " was the glass wet ":frowning:

Seriously, thanks for all the replies

I was thinking of picking this up…might work great for on the cheap end one would think?

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Larry should be a freelance copy editor in the off season lol

There are some simple facts to remember when you think the glass is scratched. If it’s not tempered/heat strengthened FD won’t be present, scraping dry glass won’t scratch it, and if there isn’t any rust on your blade the razor/scraper won’t damage the glass.
Can you post a pic of the damage?

Are you talking about outside storm door?

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If it’s an insert (like a storm window) just take the thing to a local glass guy and have him replace the glass. Should cost about $15 to $20. The amount of time you are going to spend fixing it yourself might not be worth the 1 hour it will take a guy. I took a broken storm to a company here and had the thing replaced and back in the customers home in 1 hour.


Hello Mr. Clean,
I’m Dangerous but you can call me Dange if you’d like…Say If you still have residue from the sticker per Mistersqueegee’s question then your razor should still be able to move it, but some oil flow can help move that stuff if you have any.

A small 1" razor is handy if you keep it on top of your ear like a pencil…makes things quick. Using it in the slicing motion works quick for small stickers or bug stuff,or any small crap that needs a quick razoring.

I know others on this forum might be critical of the razor on the ear trick but I’ve been doing that for years, sometimes I even forgot that I had it on my ear because it’s unobtrusive, people are always telling me “yooooooooouuuuu have aaaaaaaa razor in your ear” ! I say oh that’s why my wife’s pillow has blood on it in the morning…LOL !

Really though an old time “Son of ETTORE” showed me that trick…Try it !

I think the Jugg-Man made a good point if that is the issue.

Also describing your thoughts by you using information helps others to understand what it is you are trying to lay out for others to visualize and understand, it’s called communication. Ergo your point was well made…

Say I’m loving your avatar…are you an organic gardener ? Up there in Saskatchewan you must have a short growing season but outrageous soil EH ! The new start in your hands shows that your endeared to new growth. I’m an organic gardener !

Try the ear technique…



What part of Canada are you in? Let me know and I will see if we have someone close to you who can take care of this.

Flattery always is nice, but not required!

I wasn’t editing – I was clarifying.

Many WC’ers (and contractors and homeowners) believe that using a scraper without solution is the cause of scratches (as opposed to defective glass with fabricating debris.)

It’s an educational opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked.

thanks for reply’s

I will like suggested snag some video of it and put it on youtube hopefully by Sunday

Best way to just show you guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Cody im out West in Saskatchewan

Any window cleaner that would scrape a dry window is an idiot.

Do you use a small 1.5" razor to remove small paint flecks? If so do you use it on wet glass always?

ALWAYS… even if I have to lick my finger to wet the window. (I wouldn’t let a customer see me do that) There’s just too much friction otherwise even on a window you just squeegeed. I never take chances with scratching glass and yes a scraper will scratch glass, I’ve done it.

There are only a handful of ways for a scratch to occur while using any razor. Rust on the blade, fabricating debris, other trapped grit (like sand) under the blade. Using a razor on glass dry will not scratch it unless one of those other elements is present and then it wasn’t the razor it was the other element.

Have to agree with Tony. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to attack a whole window, dry, with a 6 inch blade, but I’ve definitely, and will probably continue to spot scrape dry.

I know all that, I’ve been cleaning windows since I was 18. Wetting a window minimizes the chance of a scratch. If you ARE scraping, then there is some sort of debris. The more debris the more you better rinse the the window like in after construction cleaning. Why would anyone want to take the chance? and then what? blame the scratch on the window?
How could you even scrape a sticker off a window if it was dry? It would smear all over, it’s glue.