Sectional Ladders #3 Leveler

In this video I talk about Ladder levelers, the ones I’m using are call Extenda-Leg but Levelox work just as well ! Give it some thought Yawl…

DangerousDave2u / Advanced Window Cleaner


Hey dange, are those sectional ladders sturdy? i dont like standing on a wobbly ladder and wouldnt wanna find out after i paid all that money for em… thx

Hey there Water Pro…

Yes they are sturdy…I put my life on them !

Now when you say wobbly are your meaning klunky or sloppy fitting , they can get that way if not taken care of, letting them fall or throwing them in the truck and treating them brashly ! If you take care of your ladders they will remain TIGHT ! Taking care of ones tools is a must and should be made S.O.P for employees.

Now if your asking if they bend slightly while in use, or rather to say, stacked…Well yes they do but that won’t imped the safety or functionality of sectional…Stacking them to 21 or 24 feet is the limit with these ladders and really that’s all you need for most houses.

To go higher or install more sections your pushing the limit of the ladder and thats when you go with a extension ladder. The manufacturer states 21’ is the height limit and that would be lets say 4 6’ sections, a base 2 mid sections and your tip !

If one has a problem with it slightly bending or arching, it’s most likely lack of use with such ladders that do such ! If this is the case then time spent puts the feeling of wobbliness aside.

Now true wobbliness is a section or all sections worn out and the section moves from side over where the rung attaches to the rail or you set the section on the groumd and grab the rails at the top and then move them one towards you and the other away from you and this is true wobbliness and it show the section or sections are unstable and needs to be retired.

Sectionals can last for many, many years if taken care of and used properly, ergo @ the right angle or not as a plank !

Sectionals have a serious learning curve so starting out with 2 sections works best and in a short time you move to 3 sections and then t 4.

I hope that helps…

DangerousDave2u / Advanced Window Cleaner

My .o2. I have always used sectionals. They flex a little the higher you make them, but as dange said, I would trust them with my life over and over again. I also use the exact same levelers. I have to oil the levelers if left outside in my truck on a regular basis, otherwise they get very loud and are quite disruptive in an office enviroment. They work great. I love them love them love them. I’ve never used the standoff shown in the vid, but would consider it since you can flip it over while still attatched (which I never knew until now). The only time the levelers have slipped was on a rug in an atrium, but actually the rug slipped. Luckily I never fell, and climbed down promptly. Thanks dange for the good vid, I think all cleaners need a set of stacks. They are a MUST HAVE.

Your welcome my Advanced Cleaning Brother, and thank you for your positive reply, it really adds to the thread !

DangerousDave2u / Advanced Window Cleaner

A Pivit tool would work just fine in that situation Dange. As for those style of levelers I know a window cleaner who is in a wheelchair because a new set of those failed. I prefer the stability of a Pivit tool w/ no moving parts as opposed to other levelers where parts could fail due to wear and tear. Just my 2 cents.

PS the Pivit tool would hook on the sectionals as you carry them.

Thanks Dave for the video. I enjoy seeing first hand with a visual demonstration, why things work. I read many threads about topics and the videos always help to see in real situations, how or why things work. Keep em coming. My next investment is going to be a set of sectionals. I don’t want to put a roof rack on my truck for an extension ladder and my little giant is bulky and heavy to lug around. Thanks again sir.

I am unsure what a pivot tool is. Is it the level locks I see in the store? They look very similar to what was shown in the video, minus the circular feet that swivel. What gave out on your friends ladder, Tony? Was it the locking mechanism? As mentioned earlier, I have always used those, and never had a safety issue. Thats 7 years now. I had the same pair for about 5 1/2 years. Hopefully he got a settlement of some sort?? If that had happened to someone I knew, I would be skeptical as well.
PS What do you mean it would hook on to the sectionals as you carry them?

I don’t think they are too sturdy! They flex WAY more then a extention…Way more!

Ok did some research, I like the pivot tool. However, I see it better for stairways, not so much for outside. It is definitely something I will buy, ideally I think you need one of each. Good recommendation, Tony.

Hey Phil,

I like hands on stuff also and I really like sharing the knowledge and experience I’ve gathered from all the years in our industry. I’ve learned a great deal from other cleaners and from some of those here on the forum.

The videos are able to get one a visual affect of things sort of like on the job training…Almost ! Like I said before if your ever in Seattle, give me a holler and I’ll be glad to help you out.

By the way Mr.Vic is going to hold a meet and greet over in Kennewick and your invited to come on the 27th…Go to WCRU and check out the posts. Also anyone else can come but PNWesterners for sure !

Phil I’ll bring my sectionals and give you a bit of knowledge if you come ! Some may bring their WFP set up, so if enough show up it should be fairly cool !

Again Levelers work great and are VERY SAFE…Been using them pretty much my whole time as a cleaner ! Never have them fail, but they can if not used properly and or abused and or not safety check periodically !

Take Phil and always be SAFE…

Your Friend / Dave

They may flex but that doesnt mean they are not strong. I’ve used and abused section ladders since 1994. They are a tuff ladder. I dont use them as much now that I have different sived extention ladders with stand-offs. Stand-off make work for me much easier and I feel more secure. Still, section ladders are a great tool for inside work.

Yo DeJay

Have you ever used sectionals ? They are the standard of the industry and were designed and created exclusively for window cleaners to use, wood or aluminum work great and are VERY very safe and sturdy…Like I pointed out, most accidents on ladders are from pilot error !

So have you ever owned a set of sectionals or work with some company that used sectionals ?

DangerousDave2u / Advanced Window Cleaner


These positive remarks are coming from a “TRUE SON of ETTORE”…Josh / Jet City Window cleaning / Seattle and Illinois ! He has been around and knows his stuff and has many years of experience in all aspects of window cleaning and roof cleaning and gutter cleaning and pressure cleaning !

So he’s specking from first hand and in the field experience !


I like the video Dave. I also appreciate the not mentioned use of the “Die Hards”…best boots ever in my opinion. I wore them for 20 years in the rod patch. Back to the video though…I need to get some of those sectionals. They look pretty sweet!

Eric Johnson
A Fine Reflection, Seattle
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Love them Die Hards, been wearing them for 25 years Dude…Sectionals, they are sweet and they work stupendously ! If and when you get them sectionals, give me a call and I’ll help you on the learning curve !

Take care and be safe my friend !


Just got my first sectional ladder today

the levelers look to be a very clever design .i couldnt see clearly but hopefully they have a 2 -stage release so that if one fails a second stops the release

Hello English Jon.

Yes they are a very cleaver design, but alas they don’t have a 2 stage release, if you watch the video again you’ll notice how I’m able to collapse them with just a touch of my toe.

The ladder weight is what keeps it from failing and works the same as a rope grab which cleaners use on safety lines with a lanyard. In the same way the weight of you body pulls the rope grab tight, the same affect is what creates a complete locking of the levelers.Very safe and highly functional.You should give some a try on one of your ladders, the levelok works just as well.

They work great and in my estimation a 2 stage release is a bit overkill even though it shows a bit of good engineering thinking on your part. Keep thinking safe Jonn, and good safety is never overkill !


The Pivit tool is just fine for outside. I’ve used it on just about every outside surface you can think of in a residential setting. It’s the only leveler we use and it works great in just about every situation.