Sectional ladders .... King!


Not even a debate. Nobody I mean nobody’s can tell me these ladders aren’t the best for window cleaning

I’m 5’ 6". Break them down an set them up with no problem. An turning 50 this year


That’s handy. But I see some nice ledges that would hold my lg… But your way is good too.

Wait, is that a 4 piece setup? Niiiice.

Yes !!! Is there a good way to use your LG or extension for this type of set up. I wouldn’t know. I would be lost !

Look at this view. Insane !


That’s looking over into your area brother



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A 22’ lg might reach those windows. But try setting the thing up with limited space…

I don’t miss my little junker at all when I come up against situations like this. :cold_sweat:

Oh, and btw, I can use my leatherman to drive small nails. Doesn’t mean it’s the best tool for the job :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I sAw you from across the wAy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @Majestic66

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Questuon … I was able to get all those windows with one ladder jump. Except the bottom ones of course

How many jumps would an LG , or extension to get them ?

Just curious !!

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i don’t know but that is obviously a place where stack is more efficient.

One, I’ve never had an issue using a extension in a inside corner like that.

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I think so , but maybe I’m wrong. I don’t use extension ladders , so it’s hard for me to decipher .

i use lg and extensions with and stand offs. that is a job i would wish for a stack.

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One of my ‘less proud’ moments with the sectional (but what’re you gonna do? Lol)

The yokes on the bottom section got wicked jammed onto that rung, due to where the bolts for the levelers were. Had to use a rubber mallet to get it apart.


so in this case the joker not the king

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Just turned 45 (feels weird to say it,) thin as a rail, and feel the same way.

Four pieces is like comfort food.

  • I’m totally cool setting up and using, :slight_smile:

Preach on!! I finally got our sectional a few months back we love it!!!


I’m five behind you… I feel the same J

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Works for me

I agree ,on my second set after 26 years

I love my sectionals. What I didn’t realize until this last year was they quit manufacturing the 1/2 pieces. Glad I bought mine a long time ago!