Service CEO Hurting My Business

So, apparently all the servers crashed at Service CEO / Insight Direct and I am locked out of all my data. Since I have no backup system, I’m just sitting here biting my fingernails hoping… I like the idea of “cloud computing.” but this has me re-thinking using web based applications to run my business.

Exactly why I never have used web-based apps for my biz

yeup, same thing here too. Cant even lookup contact information to reschedule. For 150 a month i expect this to not happen.

customer factor is starting to look real good about now.

We were having problems with our internet at our new office in the spring. When we thought we were saving appointments and info into the computer they weren’t saving at all. Thank god we book people first on a hard copy so didn’t miss any appointments.

double post

Holy crap, I’m sure that’s a nightmare at ACWC too…

im pretty sure they are not on the hosted edition.

I was having the same thoughts right now, probably time to change to CF but they are still a web based app. If I do change, I am still going to need a hard system to avoid this disaster again!


Well, I’m drawn to the web based apps because I maintain 2 offices, home and shop. It’s nice to be able to get to your info anywhere, but you really pay a price when this stuff happens!

the cloud beats paper anyday of the week. The time you save alone is worth it, even when something like this happens.

This will teach me to back up more often, that’s for sure.

On a side note, I’ve called the support number 3 times, stayed on hold 10 minutes and then prompted to leave a message. Not that a call will make everything better, but I wanted to let them know about my pain.

I’ve been on the phone with them 3 times today and they have said they don’t know when this will be fixed, now they are not even answering the phone, just asking people to leave a message…

is there an option, way to backup your data that is being used this way?

can you save the whole file to your local computer?

You can back up the database but without the application, you have no way to access the information in any usable way.

you can run reports to export data…with very little effort actually. Not sure how the pictures and file storage thing will work out. A mere data export is not the same as a backup.

What about my Friday schedule…or the estimate I wanted to follow up with this morning? Even if I had regular weekly backups, it would not help me out right now.

There is an understanding that they will ‘always’ be there. I pay a premium for someone else to manage my data, servers and ensure I have access to it when I want it.


they called me back. They are giving an eta of 5am est Friday. We will see.

I’m glad they called me back. Makes me feel a bit better to know I was not ignored.

I never did get a call back but I noticed they have a notice on the site that now says they hope to be up by 7am Eastern tomorrow.

Having you info on the cloud or on your computer isn’t the way to go. You need to have multiple systems because either could easily fail. I use quickbooks & excel (on my system) for all my stuff but I still keep a backup in the cloud.

Hm. Wonder if WCR will make a service app that is not online based… Would be nice (hint hint)

YIKES - I feel bad for you guys. I can back-up all info into QB from Customer Factor daily (couple clicks once you have a QB file set up) if I wish.

I’ll have to ask Steve his opinion on what would happen - I bet he’s already got some sort of backup plan (Dudes a GENIUS in my eyes)