She keeps cancelling....what would you do?

I have a client that I have been cleaning her windows every 2 months(small house) for a while now. I clean in/out twice a year. All other cleanings are outside only. These last couple years have been a challenge. She is always having some sort of construction done at her house. As you already know, construction always lasts longer than expected due to weather, supply delays, etc. 99% of my clients are every 6 months. I am thinking of telling her that I will start cleaning her windows every 6 months. Hopefully once she is on my regular 6 month schedule she will not cancel again. If she cancels after that, I am thinking of dropping her.

Has anyone else dealt with something like this before?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Going from your website, i thought you had a big waiting list?

I also thought you had a minimum 2 cleans per year etc to uphold or they didn’t get onto your schedule…

OK, so they are having construction work, it’s annoying but clients like to improve their homes… and the window cleaner usually doesnt get thought about, when construction work is chosen.

You could just say

"you have a waiting list and as you been unable to clean for her you, you will have no option to take on another client in her place.

If you can fit her back in when construction works are over you will try to squeeze her back into your schedule."

Let them decide… I always find once clients become iffy, it’s best to let go…

Remember (you and I are the same) we want less stress! Bothersome clients are no good for that.

Gotta agree with Chris G.

The season is too short to be chasing flakes. I would simply shake her hand and tell her to call me when she’s ready.

Yup. It’s hard, but sometimes you gotta trim some fat to stay sane.

I do have a waiting list. It is hard to let her go because she has been a client for over 11 years and I clean her windows every 2 months. It is aggravating because she is always having something done to the house. She is OCD and everything has to be perfect. I have clients that maintain their homes, but not like this client. Her house is like a museum. I totally understand her wanting to take care of her home, but I would rather go to her house only twice a year. Honestly, the other months I am cleaning her windows I wouldn’t add any new clients. That would put me closer to a 4 day work week those months. I talked with my wife about it. She agreed about putting her twice a year. If she cancels again, I will drop her.

I thought about that as well. About 2 years ago, she said her house keeper was going to start cleaning the windows. That didn’t last long. Two months later she was calling to get back on my schedule. I should have told her I was booked. Part of me wants to see how moving her to twice a year works out. If she cancels, I will tell her I have no choice but to put someone in her spot. Then never put her back on. Another voice in my head says to drop her.

How much notice is she giving you on the cancelations . I mean if she is calling a week or two before hand them I wouldn’t be upset about that if it were my cust. If it’s one or two days before or the day of different story

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Might be one of those customers where you have them fork over a deposit?

Ok I hear you with long term clients and not wanting to necessarily get rid…

You could still go along with the waiting list thing… and just say as you haven;t been able to service as per the agreed service period, you will have to modify her servicing to every 6 months, so you can take on additional clients.

If she then keeps cancelling… say as you have been unable to service as per the modified agreed service period, you have no option but to cancel the service completely, and she would be classed as a new/potential new customer - including 2015/16 price increase/waiting period etc, should she wish to return.

I like your idea about saying that since it is too difficult to clean your windows every 2 months, I will have to start cleaning your windows every 6 months. Thanks man!

If you have a certain way of working and scheduling, you have to be honest… with yourself (to keep sane) and with your customer.

Everyone knows where they are at then…

She cancelled her April 6th cleaning with a 4 day notice. She sent me a text on a Thurs and I was scheduled to clean her windows that Monday. I talked to her today to see if they finished having the flagstone sealed. She was supposed to call me once they finished, but she never did. She said they did finish and are now having some roof work done. She told me to cancel her June 1st cleaning. She is going to New York for 10 days. I really don’t know what to think.

Since she’s been a client for 11 years , I wouldn’t drop her that fast . I would do like everyone is saying . Switch her to 6 months and fill that June 1 spot with a new higher paying client . You got time on your hands , and Set her up for oct 1

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Yeah six months. Every two months is a little monotonous. Who wants their window cleaned every two months? Non of my clients. The lower paying ones and the hard to deal with ones get sifted to the back…

She’s demeaned your service.

She’s telling you "[B]you[/B] have to wait because “[I]So&So[/I]” is not finished yet."
Instead of telling “[I]So&So[/I]” [B]he[/B] needs to get back on track.

Because… ‘my window cleaner is coming in on Thursday.’

And now here you sit, wondering if you should lose 4 cleanings over it…

  • because she thinks ‘Joe Bob’s Floor Sanding’ timetable has precedence over yours.


A lot of my clients want theirs done every two months. Several want their homes cleaned monthly. I love those jobs. Good money.

Yeah not me, I see too many people in a day. If I saw you more than every six months I’d get sick of you… Each location is different I guess… Of course if you paid above $70 per hour I’d be there religiously…

Humm, have a talk with her. I had to have a talk with one of my commercial clients who ran a restaurant and was spotty on getting the windows cleaned.

Just lay it out: “I really value you you as a customer but I’m booked out months in advance. Just like a restaurant, I have to reserve you a spot and a block of time which means others have to take a later time. When you skip, it really messes with my schedule when I could book other people in that spot.”

Then I’d tell her that if she wants to keep on the 2 month schedule, I reserve her spot and will show up and will clean the windows. If she can’t commit to that, then yeah, maybe quarterly or biannually would be better.