Shoe covers or shoes off

Which do you guys prefer? Personally as long as my guys don’t walk into and around someone’s house with dirty shoes I could care less.

The customers really like it when we take off our shoes or wear shoe covers. If they think you are a jerk for walking around their house with your shoes on then YOU ARE A JERK! Don’t risk it my friend take off the shoes or buy some shoe covers. Most people will NEVER complain to your face they’ll just call someone else the next time. That’s my experience.

Sorry bud but what you think doesn’t matter on this one.

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When I started out w/c we always would take our shoes off except for a few homes the were very dirty. I had a bunch of trashed socks at the end of the week. Moved down to TX and came across more and more light carpet or $30,000 handmade rugs. I have used the blue throw away type i the past, and now use the Booty Boot covers.

BootyBoots Large

I consider them like my insurance policy, I would not like to be blamed for and have to clean or repair some ones carpet or rugs, because I did not cover myself.

I have had contractors come into my home without covers, or just sloppy work and leaving a mess after they left (that I then need to clean up). That is not what my customers are paying me for.

I prefer Booty Boots over the through aways as well. I get a lot of smiles and compliments when I put them on, more often than the through ways.

I use the throw away types on all residential. I like them because a fresh pair always look brand new and it’s the first thing people see me do the second I enter their home. I’ve never used the other type, Booty boots but wouldn’t they look dirty on the soles after a while?

Funny story, a few months ago I entered a customers home and proceeded to put on my shoe covers and the customer told me mine were no good and they handed me a pair from their own collection. Ahh…[U]they were exactly the same as mine.[/U]

Whoops sorry didn’t explain well enough or as it looks at all. Don’t get me wrong the first thing we is cover our shoes or take them off. I don’t care if someone just went to the mall and bought a pair of shoes and wore them for the first time inside a home without covers. That isn’t happening ever. Had a bad experince with a new employee on a rainy day, well his last day. Anyway just wondering what other people and companys like.

Mark, Booty Boots are machine washable, but the soles may take a beating after a while, I think there is a tag on them that also says “interior use only” although mine sometimes are worn when picking up equipment off the front porch.


I asked myself what do i wear around my own home… My slipper moccasins

Let’s see-

Nice, obviously brand new shoe covers or the smell of sweaty socks…?
Customers really notice and appreciate the [U]new [/U]shoe covers just for their house. I have had them get on the phone right then and tell a friend about it.

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Oh Man…

Bootie covers…Boy are they sweet, I never used covers before but once I started with those I won’t go into a house at all without them on ! I think Chris and Alex sell them here !


We go shoes off but we usually have some covers for anyone with stink foot

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I get so many laughs at my blue feet. I just try to take it as compliment on my respect for their property instead of letting it make me feel like a muppet.

I feel The same way with those on, they work but I could not find any that fit over my shoes…Now the other covers blue or black, look like booties. When they answer the door I always put them on in front of the customer and they look at me like Oh wow thats sweet! I love em.

Dangerous Dave

Whoops I didn’t read your post very carefully. Sorry about that response of mine.

I have to agree with all you guys who think they look a tad bit dorky but I guess I have to wear them because the customers love’m.

We go shoes off always

I always wear my shoes because I never know what could be on the floor for me to step on and injure myself. everything from kids toys or climbing a ladder in someones home is never an issue when you can have shoes on. obviously if my shoes are muddy or wet I wouldn’t wear them because it would leak through the disposables but that is another reason why I do insides first.

Hey Mark,
That’s why I wear booty boots.

I always do outside first unless there is a special reason not to.

Most of the time we go shoes off unless there is interior ladder work, then its shoes on with covers.

We use <a href=“” target=“_top”><img src=“ shoe covers-2.jpg” alt=“” title=“” /></a><img style=“border:0” src=“” width=“1” height=“1” alt=“” />
They are much better when walking on slick tile inside. They also won’t allow water or mud on the bottom of our shoes to soak thru.