Shoe Covers

Try disposable (and reusable) shoe covers.

I use large shower caps. I know it sounds funny, but it works. I go to the beauty supply shop and buy like 500 for $20. If fits right over you shoe like a regular shoe cover. It also comes in white, clear and I think red.
They’re basically the same thing. Remember though, “large shower caps”, not regular; regular only fit if you have asian feet.

my wife just bought me a pair of “crocs” to wear inside. We both do now.

Crocks are freaking awesome!!!

As long as inside doesn’t include an escalator!

(I know, I know – that effin’ media!)

How are Crocs on ladders?


I’ve only been up once, and they felt good. They kinda mold around the rungs. They are sorta slipery though, but didn’t pose a problem. I don’t do much interior ladder work.

Just be very careful going down polished hardwood stairs. I fell 2 weeks ago down 6 stairs while carrying my bucket. My foot just slid from under me and I landed on my arse. Luckily it wasn’t the tail bone. I have a bruise the size P.E.I on my right cheek.:o

…go ahead Larry…fill in the other Americans what P.E.I stands for…:wink:

True that! I have a monthly customer with an 85-year-old home. The stairs leading to then second floor are wood, narrow, and slant slightly downward. I chant to myself, “Careful, careful, careful” every time I travel up or down (kinda like being on a ladder or roof) with those shoe covers on.

Born in New York state, I would say Prince Edward Island. I remember go-karting there when we spent time on the island camping.

Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner folks!

How much of a mess did the bucket make?
I quit bringing buckets into the home a few years ago. They seem to make a mess and splash, can be knocked over, pets drink from them and they themselves are a trip hazards for our crews or customers. We now use a wide mouth squirt bottle like the ones used while exercising. This is kept on our belt, we place the T-bar scrubber against the window and squirt the window above the T-bar thus loading the scrubber with our solution. No mess, no fuss, no drips, when the scrubber needs more you reload it the same way. It really works out well for us.

// Shoe Wear - YouTube

I was lucky in that I was able to hold on to the bucket as I fell. Most of the water splashed back on me. Luckily too I had a beach towel over my shoulder at the time and was able to get it down on the hardwood floor pronto and clean up the spill.

Anyone got a pic of these spray bottles you carry around with you for interiors? Maybe a pic of how you carry it on your belt as well.

This is what we use as well! Fits right on to your belt. I know this is usually Lar’s job but…i’ve got time to kill;)

Way to pinch hit Bro! :slight_smile:

Grab some pine, Meat!

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Larry, are you the black-sheep, or contradiction nerd?

I do use the shoe covers - but they don’t 'alf make yer feet sweat in summer. I think they are still the professional image more than anything else proposed. I also buy a new pair of shoes every 3 months or so - I sometimes can get away with out the covers. Some of the homes I clean in, they make my shoes dirty.

I’m just me.

And I, I. :slight_smile: