Should I quit my crappy call center job?


I really hate taking calls with an inbound call center. My brother has washed windows for years, my dad trained me to clean windows but I hated it.
Instead of telling people with cancer that their insurance is terminated I want to be my own boss and do this for real.
Would it be stupid to quit and go for it or just try working one day a week on windows? I live in Fargo.

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You hated it once. You’ll probably hate it again.


I don’t think anybody has ever been truly successful doing something they hate doing. Being the boss is great but it’ll still be “window washing.” I think you’ll fail.

Hey man you’ve got to get out of that call center. Done that been there. Get out sooner rather than later. Good Luck


Yes, immediately.

…ok maybe not immediately. Are you full-time or part-time? Maybe you can keep the job while you test the waters.

Owning a company involves way more than just cleaning the windows, so maybe you’ll like all those aspects enough to outweigh not loving the actual cleaning part. Plus, maybe you’ll grow to like it, or maybe you’ve already changed. Who knows? There​ might have been a reason you hated it… Sometimes working with (or under) a family member isn’t the greatest. I hated when my dad taught me to drive, but i like driving lol

Anyway, i say go for it. What’s the worst that can happen? But personally, I would die in a call center, especially having to do what you described. I’d go insane just from being in a cubicle all day, if they even give you that. Not to mention working for pennies. No, definitely do what it takes to get out of there.


This line of work isn’t for everyone


That’s what i am thinking. My dad ruined it for me.

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Just do some research and figure what you can afford to risk by trying it out. Get some basic pro grade tools, get 500 business cards from vistaprint, and get out there to make some money. See how you feel after a few days of selling and cleaning and dropping your checks in the bank.


Don’t know what it is, but I just love dropping checks in the bank. All things being equal, there’s just something about arriving with a bunch of checks as opposed to just a bi-weekly wire transfer from the boss.


I would advise no because you hated it once. Fargo is a tough climate with winter and the challenge of seasonal work.

If you think somethings changed and you may not mind the work then step in slowly. Normally I’d say jump in fully but your situation is a little different.

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If you hated it you’ll likely still hate it. Only you can decide if your perspective on it has changed to the good.

Do what you like.
Do you like growing vegetables? Set up a large area of your yard to grow the best vegetables in town and sell your “Local Bounty” to all of the restaurants. Market the bejeebers out of it.

Do you like fishing and know all of the best spots at both low and high tide AND are successful at catching fish? Get a boat and take people fishing for a few hundred bucks a pop. Market the bejeebers out of it.

Do you like landscape design? Have a horticulture degree or background? Put together the tools to transform rich peoples yards into an oasis of beauty and market the bejeebers out of it.

Do you hate cleaning windows? Don’t do something you hate.


Set aside a little bit of your time and FOCUS on reading this.
It may not change your life, but then again, it may just change your life.
Here’s How to Make Money Doing Anything

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Life is short. Don’t stay in that crappy job. Window Cleaning may not be the answer, but if not, it will lead to the answer. Staying at the CC will only lead you to resentment, disdain, and regret.


OP, skip reading all the other comments and just read this one 10 times instead. (Ok, well, all the others but mine that is lol)

P.S. No offence to the other commenters. :wink:




This was me. About 10 years ago I ended up moving somewhere with a big need for window cleaners in the month of June. A lot of the friends I had made coincidentally were connected to the window cleaning industry. I was convinced I’d hate it again, but ended up agreeing to help out a couple of friends on my days off from my “real” job since I had experience. The time I spent cleaning glass has gradually increased since then. Now I love it and have no desire to do anything else. I never imagined I’d turn into the window cleaning nerd I am today lol.


you know in your heart that its now your time to go and do it .


,not the 1 day a week

dont delay doing it either

because if you delay long,you likely wont do it

and then spend years thinking,if only…


Do What You Love the Money Will Follow

Window cleaning isn’t for everybody. I read this book before I got back into window cleaning. Great read


…No he didn’t…You did…

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I only 50% agree with Matt here…we don’t really know the circumstances, but I think it’s reasonable that your first experiences with window cleaning were less than pleasant if say, your Dad was an impatient teacher for example. But, now the power is in your hands. Will it stay ruined? Will you use your past bad experiences as an excuse to hold you back?

Don’t let your past ruin your future. The ball’s in your court now. Make it happen. We are all rooting for you!


Hi Alex, I worked a call center for 14 years over that time taking approximately 3.5 million calls and making the company millions of dollars. What did I get when I walked out the door… not even a thank you!!! I had the ability to do and be better… so left and went window cleaning. … I suggest you do the same. To get anywhere in that environment you will end up not liking yourself.