Signs on street corners

I have noticed a lot of local competitors are advertising with their signs on high traffic intersections. Some have their company names on them, some just say “window cleaning” and then have a number. I have never tried this, because I wasn’t sure what the rules were as far as where you can put them.

Does anyone advertise this way? Is it different rules in every city? Do you ask store owners if you can put one out front? Or do you just put one wherever and if it gets taken down, oh well?

Different rules in every city. In most cities they are banned but people put them out anyway some cities will give you a ticket

Does anyone take down your competitors signs like they did in window wars

Only losers who have too much time

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LOL. Yep, and there are plenty of them around! I do good to keep a sign out for a week before they take them. I bet they’d be millionaires if they worked half as hard at getting their own business as they do at preventing us from getting business!

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I have a feeling the window war movie was a lot of for the cameras

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Ha funny !! I don’t go around taking people’s signs down. There is one guy who has a nice presence with his professionally done signs . Just says power washing and gutter cleaning with # and web address. Fully insured also. He has them all strategically placed on poles everywhere.
Last year there was A guy that had signs all along my path to my route , and at The 7-11 I stop at in the morning . thy said power washing any house 199.00. So i grabbed the one from 7-11. My brother called me a loser . I was like whatever I’m saving this loser from working hard for nothin .

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People take my signs off my customers’ lawns, I’ve lost 7 signs when I go back in a week to get them.

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some places allow and some have HUGE FINES. in fact they may have huge fines but not be enforcing them at all times so you think you’re ok and then wham!!! phone the city hall or whoever has juridiction and ask. if they’re not allowed you have the option to report the competitor often laws are only enforced after complaints especially bylaws. don’t feel bad about reporting your just doing your part to keep your neighbourhood clean (and fair)

For the record, I don’t do it.
(and I surely wouldn’t take down others’ who Do.)

I do see them, but more than anything I think “hey, good for them.”
“Make that money, dude.”
-I see more Gutter Cleaning around town, not too many Window’s.

Truth be told, I’d kind of like to be in “Scrapper Mode.”
(see many of my previous posts/rants)

It would mean that I am frantically seeking more work/looking for new ways/broadening my efforts.

  • which is actually a place I don’t mind being at, because it means that “shit is getting done” and we’re ahead in the game.

[B]Getting caught up > Finding work[/B]… in the ongoing “stress test” that is my life.

Yeah I hear you! Our company ended up with a nice crew this year and we’ve been booked solid 2-3 weeks ahead since April. I’m just now catching my breath (which is why I haven’t been on these boards in a while. Need to not think about window cleaning any chance I get during busy season.)

So we slow down a tad in August, and with our bigger crew I want to make sure I’m ahead of the game and getting them enough work for them until Fall cleans. Ive been noticing tons of those signs around this year and they always catch my attention.

i have a bunch of yard signs i got from Tim and they are great. problem is, whenever i think about putting them out i realize “oh, maaannn- that’s the last thing i need. more phone calls that will never get returned…”

since i hired “office girl” i’m hoping that i can fix that part of the business because i hate doing that, but there are only so many hours in the day and there’s just no time to follow up on everything. my plan for now is to at least have her call everyone we can’t service and apologize for not being able to service them.

anyways, back to yard signs- Joe if you are going to get some you should get the ones from Tim, they are ballin’


discount for wcra members too.

I’ll put them out on a house I’m working on…
But to throw one out, at 15/Woodward, at random?

  • I’m just not that guy right now.

There’s already a panhandler at 15 and Woodward who will just pull it up and use it as a sun shade while he pretends to be " homeless and looking for work- please help"

…and that just reminded me of hunter house, now I’m craving sliders. Thanks.

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Primo’s Pizza, dude.

Owner is a douche, but…
(he one made me go to an ATM down the street, because he “never has and never will” accepted credit cards")

How’s “Never” working out for you?

  • I remind him ‘randomly’ each time I go there and buy slices with my card.

Dipshit. :rolleyes:

I don’t thing the ROI on a sign on s street would be nearly as effective as yard signs.
From what I found out thru the wrong advertising decisions is that if people are not thinking about their windows then the sign means nothing and is wasted, the average person has so much on their mind while driving down the road your sign will seem like an ant to the majority of the population.

Down the middle of main street compared your next door neighbor who you can speak to and ask them how was your experience with xxxx window cleaning. Word of mouth is one of the best forms of getting new business, also for following cleans you can schedule the whole block if your Lucky for a few days no travel time between jobs = more $$$$

I had a customer today tell me that she never recommends people but I did such a great job she is gonna tell all the neighbors and her daughter wants to book and she wants me back after the painter had been.

Yeah, we get a lot of word of mouth advertising, and a lot through our website, so much that we do not actively advertise from May-July. I added a crew this year though and had a big commercial project I had set up for August fall through, so I’m looking to fill up August for the new crew.

I’ve been seeing Birmingham Window Cleaning signs all over that area, there’s one on Woodward and Sq. Lk and Inkster and Northwestern. That’s one of the reasons I posted this, I thought to myself, “How are they able to keep signs out in Bloomfield Hills without the city getting on them?”

Also, at White Lake Rd and Dixie in Waterford/Clarkston there is O.C. Window Cleaning signs always there.

Those panhandlers are everywhere these days. There is just a normal looking college dude at Grand River and M-5 in Novi just asking for cash, no sob story or anything. Then there are the people that stop in front of you at the gas station or Meijer that show you there tank is almost empty, then sob story, then they just need a few bucks so they can pick up their handicapped mother from the hospital. I always direct them to an organization my father’s church works with that helps people in need with food/clothes/gas assistance and they don’t want to hear it, just drive away.

Don’t even plant the slider bug in my head. Was working at a hospital in Warren the other day and the whole crew got white castle (obviously Hunter house is a step up), we all got the jalapeño cheddar on the sliders, it was almost a wasted (and foul smelling) day after that haha!

I take pictures of the offending signs on poles and public property and send them to the utility company or the city. The city will fine the offenders