Slammed my finger so hard yesterday

Yesterday I was doing an estimate on an old lake house with heavy wooden windows. At one point I open one and just as I get the bottom sash up, the top one drops down like a guillotine, trapping my middle finger between the two. It hurt so bad! Plus, I was literally stuck! The sashes were not only heavy, but now with my finger stuck between them, they were jammed. And, mind you, my arms were basically above my head, so awkward position and I couldn’t even see what exactly was going on. I spent what felt like an eternity, trapped, and trying to figure out what the heck to do. Finally, I decided to bite down and just muscle the top sash back up, unsure if that would mangle my finger or not, and managed to break free. I spent at least another two minutes just deeply breathing trying to regain my composure.

I then proceeded to quote double the price I normally would…and got it.


Dang learn from others…



I hate when stuff like that happens.

Hope it heals quick Daniel!

@JfromtheD had that kinda of situation happen to him a few months ago…
…how long did it take for you to heal up J…

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Funny how J and I used such similar wording to describe the experience. Unfortunately, this happened just while opening the window. Wouldn’t have even had time to prop it up. Needless to say, I put a note to myself to be very careful with this job as the homeowner then informed me that none of the windows stay up. :grimacing:


Nice. Lost a knuckle one time. Haha. Fun. Fun. :grinning:

Yeah. It’s a good lesson. Bet ya won’t let it happen again… Lol.

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I also don’t recommend sticking your finger into a bench grinder. It hurts.


I’ve had the collar on my 24’(?) pole with a soaked backflip take a nice bite out of the middle of my palm when I went to unextend it once. Only that once though.

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Yeah those long poles with smash a chunk out of your finger. Use electrical tape to help protect your hand.

Seriously. Knuckles are hard to come by

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Did that 26 years ago while daydreaming about a girl. Brand new wheel on the grinder so it was pretty deep before I realized it. Still got the scar. And the girl too…


Funny to see this, I was just trying to discern how long it’s been, yesterday.

My pinky finger is still “numb”/ “tingling” which tells me nerve damage… it comes and goes.
Yesterday it was in the “it comes” stage.

Even MORE funny… I actually wen back, and did a “Curb Appeal” front only, and made good money… BUT they didnt pay.

I need to be more vigilant, and know when to say “F” it!
Im waaaay to nice, sometimes.


But “thats life,” working in Detroit, At least they didn’t… shoot me.


Missed you around man.

Yeah heard that half the mayoral candidates are felons. And the other half haven’t had convictions (no witness would come forward).

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Miss BEING around.

Miss bitching about my day, and having 20 people laugh, because they feel the same.

I was on the other day, and read about August slowdown… I dont see it.

And I miss one of the biggest Detroiters, at heart… Jared.
(thanks for that, man… and you know what I mean!) :sunglasses:


I’m sure we could easily start one of those threads or rehash an old one. Lol

Just search, there are plenty of threads like that. :roll_eyes:

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No, they were all closed and banned. And I had a few “In Before The Lock” memes ready to go too, but the threads disappear too quickly.

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