Social Media | For Window Cleaners | Who's doing it right?

Can you guys think of any window cleaning companies leveraging social media in their window cleaning business successfully?

If it’s you or someone you know please share a link I would love to see it. Social media and a service business like window cleaning can be tough. There’s really only so many things you can say or do. I’m interested to see what’s working for people.

Post up links if you have them! - thanks

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Here is an interesting infographic I came across. It highlights some possible trends for 2016.

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I wanted to bump this up. There’s got to be someone out there in the window cleaning world doing a good job with this?

fivie years ago i was getting good results blogging using blogger and saying things like lagina window cleaning or cleaning windows in laguna beach ect… and getiing good results but google changed something jellybean or something but i hear its going back to the old system but i havent tried im planning to you need to ad things like location and tags for the service offerd it can be pretty time consuming

Would love to respond to this…

Doing a good job is totally subjective.

Also, this is why a good social media community manager averages $60k per year salary pre bennies to have on staff.

How do you define a good job?

Oh, I totally agree.

Well, I guess what I meant was who has an active, interesting social media strategy in place. Who is actively creating good content, sharing it appropriately, engaging with customers and turning all that into a steady stream of work?

And does the time invested into the strategy balance out with the ROI.

I’m not really sure what I’m saying. I know good when I see it and I rarely see it the service industry. More of a curiosity really.

Oh man…

OK… So here is the deal.

The service industry can be broken into micro targets as well.

The majority of the service industry is Once Chuck Truck Types. has very few clients in the service industry. Why? Very few are qualified for the level of service offered. What disqualifies them?

They do.

Their thinking.

Einstein I believe once said… “You can’t heal a sick mind, with a sick mind.”

That being said… The majority of the service industry is filled with guys that think they have a business who only really have a job they created.

They will be resistant to anything that is going to cost more than a few hundred dollars a month.

I can show you where to go and what to use for super powerful social media campaigns.

@Chris I think we should pick each others brains on Voxer. I have a lot of stuff I paid some major money and heartache to learn. What you are speaking of here is not info I would give away freely in an open forum. When I say heartache and money I am not joking.

I could teach a University Style Course on social media.

So multifaceted.

So many directions of so many subjects.

I actually have some actionable content ready to rock, but my focus is on my goals given to you with complete trust, full disclosure, and complete candor.

@Alex and some other people here have my Voxer ID. I don’t even know what it is.

So who is using social media for lead gen?
Who is branding well?

I will not put numbers out there publicly… but yeah… we straight up killed it on Facebook Ads etc in 2015… doubling our facebook budget in 2016 atleast.

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Couple tips I will give on Social Media marketing…

  • #1 its always changing…
  • #2 you have to be willing to adapt to trends and styles when creating ads
  • #3 Be very personal in your ads… dont be another advertisement**
  • and #4 its takes some trial and error and time…be patient and consistent.
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So true on so many levels.

We include social media management with our SEO plans at iQ. Why? Social Signals are important. Very Important.

You @Chris have been doing social media marketing the right way for a long time.

Any social media campaign can establish you as authority in the eyes of BIG G.

For media buys (Lead Gen) it is WONDERFUL. The prices are way more cost effective than Googles PPC.
Your budget goes a lot further, and you can delve into pshycho-graphics. Buying behaviors, likes, dislikes, etc.

I get super high end jobs from media buys. I get lowballers from Thumbtack and Home Advisor or whatever BS lead gen services that sell to 5 other people so you really don’t have a fighting chance.

You are better off doing your own lead gen. It is more cost effective in the long run.

Guys are paying $50 bucks on home advisor leads. I am paying $2 to make my phone ring. They only call me and not 5 other guys. Generally… They know they are going to hire me before I even bid. Sounds weird, but I pick the brains of every client on their purchasing decision process. 70% of my clients that find me online know I am the service they are going to use based of my online presence.

They tell me I am obviously serious about my business because I take the time to put stuff out there. They visit other companies online presence and don’t see much. They know they can trust the guy with a bunch of stuff everywhere. Even when he is just starting again… that means he is planning on being around for the long term.

Just a thought…


Here is a note I received on FB from one of my clients while I was traveling.
you are right about content engagement being an issue. I am not sure what the question you were really asking was…
But I am reluctant to post numbers in open forum just because I have a lot of proprietary stuff I spent years and lots of money developing.

Hey Louie. Let’s get together after the new year and meet for breakfast. We just won the Angies List Super Service Award for the 4th year ! We have something new to say on FB. Hooray! They are going To send us our decal and the usual “press release” kit. I took down your FB guys post yesterday becuz he said we are available 24/7 and we are not. Lol !! Also he spelled our name incorrectly. But whatever you have been doing behind the scenes has seemed to really help push our website calls up! I want to talk about what you have been doing. Times are very very very difficult right now and what you are doing is really helping us. I know I only paid you to help until the end of the year so let’s meet soon after the first I hope your new company is off and running !!

This client put money on my Gofundme page after I wrecked my bike. I lost so much income I could only afford to keep staff and expenses paid for company. Not for me, and I had no insurance because I used to be invincible.

Actually this is a good example of social media marketing working well in my life.
I received another $3k from private donations as a result of this page… It really kept me going when the chips were down. If it wasn’t for this social media campaign I started from my hospital bed. My son and I would have been homeless or I would have had to fire a lot of people and put their families in the street.

Thank God for social media.

Click the center of the infographic Twice. It gets hella big. That way you can actually see the info…

Yea in this world. But I find it more difficult in the service industry.

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We have social media out there, we haven’t done anything with it in a long time but most of the people that I talk to, even the ones that have a decent amount of followers/likes, etc. Have said that they don’t really get any new business from it. Service companies are what I am referring to.

I think “liking” has become so pervasive on social media, I really think people like stuff just to like it or it becomes habit. I think effective social media needs to be truly interactive and engaging. How you do that with a service business, I’m not sure.

I love how business development gurus try to focus on the service industry after having a little success in the most non competitive sub niche market in the service industry. I hope it works out well for whoever is out there doing it. You do you.

Mike Filsame, Ryan Diess, Jim Cockrum, and many other IM guys out there will sell you a course on how to do… “X” but what we all do when we sell those products. We leave out that one piece that is the catalyst to make it all work. Of course only .5% of the people that buy those “turn into a guru” packages actually do anything with it. So why not give up the whole story?

You yourself have said narrow it down.

This is a facebook page we are managing at the moment in the service industry. I posted in a earlier post a FB message from the owner on this thread.

She put $400 on my page after the MC wreck. I told her I would give her a boost. She doesn’t have any liquid money due to her property management company going under last year. But her husbands moving company is going strong.


All I did was throw some social signals at them. The social synergy is important. You can look at the crappy quality of the postings and say… it isn’t good social media management. I wouldn’t disagree, but $400 for 6 months of social media management? We are square. Value is over delivered and under promised. It has affected her bottom line to the good in a measurable way. (generally charge $500 per month to do 4 postings per day on FB, Google+, Twitter, and a Youtube Video optimized for organic search and uploaded every month).

Is it doing it right? You find your truth. Your goals. You do what is right for you. Most won’t agree with what I have done here. But it works. The posts are not meant to engage. They are meant to mix up the amount and type of social signals being distributed online.

I have a painting contractor and a heat and air contractor in the service niche. Actually… I have a couple… but the point is. Each campaign in each niche has its similarities… but more often than not completely different from a digital media and or mass media standpoint especially when localized.

Different ticket values changes the buying process. The competitive nature is overwhelming compared to window cleaning. In a B level market like lets say… Austin TX.

Heat and Air Company successful campaign for JUST PPC and Retargeting would require about a $2500 budget to just get traction and build quality score. Once your quality score is a 7 or 8… then we dump the big spend on lead generation.

The average in Kissimmeee FL ( a small market) for Heat and Air Ad spends without using social media? Between $6k and $8k just in media buys. NOT including social media.

For social media on those types of campaigns… or for those who actually have enough balls to spend $6k on advertising for 90 days to build a solid book of business. Well… You might make it.

That is the difference between the 60k first year and 200k first year. Some call it Stones, Webones, Pelotas, I don’t care what you call them… Girls have guts too.

Window cleaning is in the service industry. Yes. But not really a contender when it comes to reputability as a trade. The good thing is it’s so easy to dominate any market, all you need is a few bucks, some systems, and some time.

I have all three.

There are a few engagement systems that produce stellar results. They are very well worth the investment, but not meant for anything less than a Rolls Royce budget. Most are a major investment. There are maybe a handful of people on this forum regularly that would even consider it. @Chris you may be one of them. If you want to know which ones I would suggest. Add me on Voxer: lpalos646

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The question is… How are they tracking if they are really tracking at all.

This moving client I adopted… Really it started out as a property management client… who’s husband does $420,000 per year gross with his moving company.

A service industry… btw… just saying…

The ONLY paid marketing out of there referral systems has been my little social media posts that look like crap.

She was a multi million dollar company. He is not.

I am going today to pick up some money from them for some other brand development stuff I am doing with them. But that won’t be visible online for about 90 days. I picked up a small check on Monday, today will be the big one…

Good. Because I have to support my window cleaning companys marketing and brand development habit.

Brand recognition will be strong and no one will be able to compete in the local moving industry. Plus… I get to make a few bucks to support my WC venture.

Life is good my man…

At least for those that do the right thing… even when no one is looking.

Oh… and to cut a short story long… The social media postings you see in that FB profile I posted are janky… but they make the phone ring. Who would have thought?

I just started my business a week ago. Things weren’t moving as fast as I wanted with door-hangers and door to door sales. My girlfriend recommended that I advertise on my local swip swap sites on Facebook. The day I set up my business Facebook account (today) I booked 3 new cleanings and getting comments and questions steadily. I’ll post again in a week to see if it is still paying off.

Congratulations on this new venture! Looking forward to hearing how your social media presence works out for you.

I have been thinking about this as well. I have done nothing with my Facebook page but I am wanting to. Put some focus on it and do some adds. I think the key is finding the right balance of social and business. Of its all business it’s a turn off because people aren’t on Facebook for business mostly. They are there to be social. But you still have to have enough business involved in your page because that is what you are there for. Striking that balance is key.

I think about some of my posts on my personal page and which ones get the most likes. I can post political issues etc. And get a few comments or likes and shares and then I post a sappy pic with my kids or family pics and get flooded with likes. Sometimes I am surprised at what catches people’s attention. I want to try to mix personal things with business in my posts from my business page. For example if a client has a puppy post a pic of your helper for the day along with pics of the house you are cleaning. Or if they have kids or oocs of my kids helping me clean some windows etc. Then mix in more serious posts about your company. The fun, sappy, humorous posts keep people’s attention and life them in and then the more serious posts like discount offers and service highlights are the hook.

Another approach could also be to mix posts about good entrepruerial strategies and tips in between offers. A lot of people like good information and it shows you are a professional and not just some guy with a truck. Postential customers see you as a peer which breeds trust and respect. It makes you look like an industry leader and the one they want to do business with.

Another approach would be to get involved in the community and post picks of you/and or your company attending or involved at community events. It connects potential customers with your company and again breeds trust.

Anyways just some of the things I have been thinking about. I am no expert on it and have little experience so not sure if those are even good ideas but it’s the approach I plan to start with.