Solar Screens

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I have a place that I’m bidding on, and they have 30 solar screens, maroon/burgundy in color, they’re dirty and I’m sure that they’re faded or starting to fade.

Can somebody share what is best to use on that kind of fabric ?

If is a proprietary solution, ultra secret, radioactive and dangerous just keep it for yourself :smiley:

Thanks in advance

Are they on a roller or just like a standard screen?

I know some guys really like to use tide with the bleach alternative for screens.

If they are the type that is on the rollers like a blind I would recommend a blind cleaning soap. you can get some really good soap (what I use in my ultrasonic) at

Take a bar towel get it wet squeeze it out to the point you would wipe a table with. Take the towel fold it in 1/4 or 1/8’s. Wipe the screen until no dirt shows.

I’m not that concerned about the technique, mostly about the right chemicals for it.

They’re regular solar screens, we call them like that here, is not the regular bug screen with springs on top and tabs on the inside. These are attached with screws to the frame.

I think that the clarification is worth since we are in different parts they might have other names, I doubt it, but just in case.

They won’t turn out great, so I don’t want to invest money just for this job, but if tide alternative does the trick with this fabric I’m golden.

I would say tide. just make sure it’s the bleach alternative. or no bleach.

Good advice Scott… Tell Toddy and Glenn I said “hi”

They should come out looking good if you can take them down, and clean them on the ground. the best advice I can give is make sure you can brush both sides of the fabric with the solution without allowing it to dry before you can rinse. I use a “truck washing brush” I get from my local janitorial supply.

BTW I have come up with a “spike” for this solution, that absolutely rocks!!!

Problem: I won’t let this one “out of the bag”

Thanks. I will tell them you said Hi.

Myself, On both solar & regular screens I use a five gallon bucket with a few drips of Dawn. I lay the screen flat either on a driveway or any hard surface. I take a bi-level deck brush attached to a pole. I use a shorter extention pole so if it is a big screen I can adjust it for a longer reach. I wet the screens first then dip my brush in the bucket, scrub the screen on one side, flip it, scrub that side, lean it up againsts a fence or the house and rinse then real good. Let it dry some while doing the other screens. When I am ready to reinstall I wipe the screen frame.

That gives you what I use and the method. It’s the easiest, most thorough & economical way that I have found.

Why not? We aren’t competing with you.


I would also recommend Tide with Bleach Alternative. I take the screens off, number them and stack them up. I then fill a bucket with solution. Use you garden hose to knock the chunks off, then scrub both sides with brush and solution. Rinse off twice with hose again. Stack to dry. Then clean the glass. By the time you are done with the glass, your screens will be dry and ready to replace.

Good Luck.

Appreciate all the advice, seems like Tide w/bleach ALt. is the one.

Not to beat it to death, but I cleaned some screens just like these the other day. They were very dirty and Tide did wonders. I’ve been using a little more tide( about a cap full for 3 gallons) than usual lately, with great results. Letting it dwell for about 30-60 sec seems like it makes the shine of the screen come out more evenly. If your using a scrubber, I like the monsoon or microfiber sleeve.( never the porcupine!) Also, my hogshair brush works great too. Btw, I scrub them on a large, rectangle card table.


You all got my curiosity up now, I’m going to give the Tide w/bleach alt a shot and check it out.

I seem to remember the spike or shovel advertised either in AWC mag or on the net. Just thinking here - would comressed air not do the job with a pole? You could perhaps cut it in segments or somehow lift the ice? I’m not familiar with your roof tiles so I may be way off here. Just a thought, probably a lot less hassle than adding heat to the equation?

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Oops, I was reading the snow topic - now on to screens DOH

I am glad you are having success using Tide…

[QUOTE=IDOWINDOWS;32657]Why not? We aren’t competing with you.

Yes, BUT there are others here that live in my neck of the woods that are!


Theres just something different bout the high desert. The dust is finer siltier .Why on hot sunny day with a little wind your covered in a thin layer of dust the, southwest’s finest in fact even before you break a sweat you can write WASH ME on your fore arm thru the dust! Now you mix in a little dry air you know what I’m talkin bout Scott well you mix in that low humidity and you have the just right conditions for a little static charge and you add that to one them thar solar screens with that fabric that has so much surface area and the tendency to be electrically charged with any friction what so ever… well then my friend you have the perfect storm the hardest screens to successfully clean this side of the RIo Grande. I searched for years to find the solution and I now have it thanks TO LANCE IN AZ great results thanks !!!