Squeegee drag!

So today was another day to get used to all my new tools i got from WCR and first up was the wagtail!! Thats going to be the one tool that I have to get used too, any tips would help… Second I got GG4 soap and at times as i was using my S*&bo squeegee I felt like the squeegee wouldnt glide right or it would like stick to the glass. I guess Im going to be cleaning alot friends houses, I already have 2 lined up for next week!!! Thanks for all your help!!!

that is the problem with gg4. the glide sucks even if you add any glide to it.

try dish soap and see how that works for you

I thought dish soap will make the windows get dirtier faster… I just hated that the GG4 really had no glide to it!!!

its all window cleaning politics. Dont listen to these fools on this message board. Chris from wcr uses dishsoap. and they dont use wfp’s either on Residential.

Ok soooooo dish soap, Joy or Dawn??


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I think im going to get plain old DAWN and call it a day!!! LOL

That is why I love Dawn. Just add it to water and thats it. It has great slip and cleans just as good if not better then GG anything.:smiley:

Also check out your rubber edge. If its used and has a rolled edge on it, it will drag on you. I am a big fan of palmolive. Alex gave me a few samples of the gg3 &gg4 on my last order. Im going to use it on my house to see what the difference is in the upcoming week or so.


I have no problem w/ glide when using GG4 and Winsol Super Slip.
Contrary to what Starbrite says dish soap does cause more rapid resoiling.
Chris doesn’t use wfps on residential becasue it would cost him a small fortune to set up all his resi guys w/ a system.

GG4 AND Super Slip??:eek::eek:. I use dawn and…NOTHING! :smiley:

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Not even water?:smiley:

So tomorrow im cleaning windows on a rancher style house, its going to be a friend of mine’s house so I wont make alot but heck need the experience and i want to try out the dawn soap!!! Thanks for all your help!!!


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LOL thats hilarious!

We use GG4 mixed with Seventh Generation dish soap.

When this gallon of GG4 runs out I think we might just roll with the dish soap.

Slippery suds works for me!

If you make no mistakes its the best.

OK OK I fixed the rancher thing, next question, How much dawn do i put in per gallon of water and if im going to use the GG4 again how much should I measure out??

This was passed on to me… so I’ll pass it on.

Mix 1/2 oz of solution with 2 gallons of water. Solution is 50% GG4 or 3 and 50% Dawn

I have tried gg3 and gg4 and other “pro” stuff, no glide and streaking and what not…I use DAWN!..another dish soap sucks…I hold the bottle and squeeze for a bout 1 to 2 seconds or until the water tints blue…perfect!

Never use more than 1/4 oz of GG4 per gallon.