Starting your business cleaning Windows by State- sole proprietor/ dba(for newbies)

Figure we need a place to point the newbies to…

A by State break-down
Of how to start your window cleaning business in each State
Rules required by each state,how to file and resources on how to.

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I’ll start with Oklahoma.

Startup FAQ - Oklahoma Department of Commerce

You can go into any bank and set-up a sole proprietor/DBA account…
Stating the business name. Show two forms of ID
You will be able to cash/deposit any check with that business name or your personal name.

Cheers John


Here in Los Angeles you go to the county recorders office ( you know the place where you get a marriage license ) to get your DBA. You first have to check If your business name is available . It cost $26 and you have to publish it with a newspaper within 30 days and that cost around $70. I think this is how you do it in all California .!ut/p/b1/04_SjzQ0NjW3NDY1MTfXj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfGjzOItDCDAyMDPw83AyMfY3y_YzcUYyAcqiERWYGESCFLgahHqaWpsZBBoRpx-AxzA0YCQ_nD9KLxKTMzRFaA70ZSQAjOoAjyO9PPIz03Vz43KcbP0zAxId1RUBADK7vPL/?1dmy&current=true&urile=wcm%3Apath%3A/lacounty+content/lacounty+site/home/about+this+site/faq/dba+file

Once your DBA is stamped and recorded you can take it to your bank and open a business acct. and be able to accept checks under your new business name.

NOW go make some money !!!

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Well I guess Cali is already done. Thanks [MENTION=26504]GenaroGuzman[/MENTION]

You don’t necessarily need a DBA.
If your business name has your legal name in it somehow, you’re good to go. Set up a business account with a credit union. No DBA necessary if it directly has your legal name in it! Saves $$$$$$

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THis is going to be a great help, especially this time of year, when everyone starts asking :slight_smile:

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WA. in the House: Redirect Notice

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For the couple states.
Know we have alot more represented here…So cough it up :slight_smile:

Same thing in Hawaii. Need a general excise tax ID and that’s it. Then to get work comp ins. You need a federal ID number.

Oh and cut your IQ in half if you are planning to hang over the edge of high buildings :).

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Hello, I’d be glad to share what I know. Here in Oregon you don’t need to register your DBA (Doing Business As/Assumed Business Name) if it has your full legal name in it, but if it doesn’t then you need to file it with the Secretary of State. They make it easy, you can register online at Oregon Secretary of State: Assumed Business Name Registration (DBA) and it only will cost you $50, and you can also check online to see if your name is available. Or you can go to Salem where the state buildings are and get it right there. Once you have a copy they give you of your DBA with a stamp on it, you can go to the bank and open a business account through which you will do all your business transactions through. Also look into Licensing. Licensing is per County, in my county Window Cleaning is not required to license. As a DBA which is a Sole Proprietor you will be doing taxes through your own Social Security Number, and you can check with an Accountant or the IRS website on details for that, here is a site for that: [url=]Self-Employment Tax (Social Security and Medicare Taxes)

Take care!

Thank you Terry!!!

Very much appreciate the add to the states list.
Going to be a great resource for those starting out.

cheers john

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Only fictitious names need be registered in PA
[SIZE=4]A Guide To Business Registration In Pennsylvania
see page 6[SIZE=4][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/SIZE]

Ill let [MENTION=7269]Majestic66[/MENTION] handle ny. I just went to my accountant and had him set me up with an llc. I let my accountant handle all that stuff, makes life easier. Insurance was then purchased once I was set up.

I got my dba here. I had my lawyer do my corp for me . I have a dba , and a corp. Ok ill explain I first started my business as a corp. Majestic building services corp. I was told to do it that way so I did. Then stupid me started billing everyone (all the route customers I send out bills to) as Majestic window cleaning inc. The bank manager grab me one day an said you need to do a Dba or get all your checks made out to your real corp name. So I just did a dba.(I like spending money). The banks here don’t do dba or corps, llc you need to get registered first as one of these then you can open a business account. I think legal zoom does dba also

Correct! But Dale’s Window Cleaning Service did not cut it. It had to be my complete legal name. So I had to register a DBA here in Ohio to even open a business account.

Bam, ouch, mybad.

$50 annual fee in WY, just need an EIN.


DBA at the state / county offices + registering with the state for a tax ID # to collect & pay service/sales tax.

I’m bumping Texas over to [MENTION=3135]diamondridge[/MENTION] since he’s been at this longer

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