Steamy Windows

Help please…this is my first summer to clean windows and I am finding on some days the exterior windows get fogged with steam from the humidity as soon as I squeegee them. It is instantaneous after I blade them. Just like a mirror in a sauna. 97 degrees and 100% humidity with no breeze.
How can I know that I am not leaving any streaks? Do I trust my skill (6 mos) and gut feeling, or is their a trick?

Sunday I did a large bank and out of curiosity went back today to inspect them. They looked fine, but I was a wreck all day yesterday as I am a bit of a perfectionist. The banker was pleased and wants me to come back and do the interior glass ceiling.
Any suggestions would help.
Thank you,

My initial thought is to use warmer water. Cold water cools down the surface of the glass, giving the moisture a place to condense. Keep the surface warm and you shouldn’t get condensation.

Our water comes out of the ground luke warm as the pipes are only 6" deep in the ground. Do you think it could be the bank was cold inside from their air conditioning? I have a 250 gallon tank in the bed of my truck for holding water and it is definitely warm to the touch as it sits in the sun all day and it doesn’t cool off in the evenings as it doesn’t get below 75 degrees at night. Would using cold water help? I could add ice to it.
You are giving me ideas, which is good! :slight_smile:

Just for fun try the ice cold water and tell us how it works…

I have a few accounts like that, restaurant, ice cream place they always have the ac blasting and when you have high humidity man what a nightmare with foggy windows, but if you use clean solution or in your case pure water once the sun heats the glass you will not see any streaks. Do not be tempted to touch up the glass or you will have smears on them. Just let them be and it should dry out just fine. That has being my experience.

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Trust your gut I get the same problem. by the time you finish the job some of the windows should have dried. Give them a check if they look good the other ones will most likely look good too.


You’ll have the same problem if you do cooler doors. Like Tharsys said: Don’t touch the glass after you squeegee it or you will have yuckies.

Definitely worth a try…hope they don’t shatter or something like pouring hot water on a frozen windshield!

Yeah, I tried drying them with a towel and decided that wasn’t working. Had to re-do the whole bunch. It’s a learning curve.

I looked at your profile and noticed you are in the ASTX area. I’m closer to Bastrop. Do the windows do this all summer, or is it just because we’ve had so much rain, and the storm Bill is coming in from the gulf? Thanks for the tips…

I think it is because of the ac being so cold. I get it a lot when doing torchys taco and when there is high humidity it will happen a lot as well regardless of ac, especially in the morning after it has rained.

Try a little washer fluid on your mop for cooler doors.
Just draw a quick line along the top…

Torchy’s is definitely a good account! Love their tacos too!

What kind of t-shirts you guys use down there in the heat of Texas? You going the polyester route?

I’m feeling somewhat slow in trying to process this??? Can you elaborate a wee bit more please? Do you mean lighter fluid or something else, as the mop would already have washer fluid on it…wouldn’t it?

I use linen as it breathes. Poly and cotton get soaking wet in 30 minutes or less. Yesterday I drank two gallons of water from 7:00 am till 12:00 noon!
Also eat a lot of starburst candies to keep my blood sugar up!
I don’t have the body anymore to feel good wearing a T-shirt, or I would wear those.
The worst part is my gloves fill with sweat and it drips down on my freshly squeegeed windows as I detail the sides!
Shorts, a cooling bandanna, and a wide brimmed hat with an ice pack complete the outfit.
Trying not to work past noon outside, some jobs like car dealerships are taking me two days to complete.
Definitely need to get a wfp set up. Really think it would help. How do you like yours?

Yeah it’s alright. A big investment. I have 5800 into it now but the one thing is it definitely takes practice to get it right. I’ve been frustrated a few times but I can see where it will come in handy sometimes. It takes some getting used to. If you don’t do it right you get drips of dirt that makes you really pissed off. I’ve got some more work to do to get it right that’s for sure. Windows with plastic frames clean easier than commercial windows with dirty rubber gaskets…

What do you mean linen?

Linen is a very open weave of cotton threads. Hold a linen shirt up to the light and you can see right through it.
Very light weight, and they allow air to circulate. Humidity is usually so high that once wet a shirt won’t dry out.
I started wearing regular cotton shirts in April and found I was changing shirts every hour or so. I always take 4 or 5 extras so I don’t look like a drowned rat all day. Linen wrinkles pretty bad in a dryer, but everyone just wears them like that. I can usually get by wearing two linen shirts in a morning.
The lawn mower guys wear long sleeve t-shirts or jerseys, and a polo or something else on top of that. I get boiling hot when my skin can’t breathe.
I’ll trade places with you guys up north!

Washer fluid, as in Windshield Washer Fluid.
We use it to keep our water from freezing, up here.
It will help keep the coolers from fogging/freezing.

  • you southerners are so fragile. :stuck_out_tongue: