Steel wool

somebody told me that it is better to use steel wool on a dry glass than when it is wet. I have never heard that. In you opinion, do you use steel wool wet or dry.



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Say using steel wool on wet or dry glass works…You need to use 4-0000 and no smaller but it works great to fix any left mistakes or crud that can’t get scrubbed off with your swab !

As a standard it shouldn’t scratch the glass but you should develop an S.O.P. to check that the glass won’t get scratched first, but there’s only less than 1% chance it will !

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Hi Fireman,
In my experience, how wet the glass is doesn’t seem to make a huge difference as far as effective cleaning. I personally like the glass a little wet or get the pad itself wet more so than soaking the glass. I can see what my results are better that way. Getting the wool wetter than it has to be will use it up more quickly or increase the chance of it rusting. That’s a real danger as well as not inspecting what’s already on the glass which might scratch it (cementitious matter, heavy duty dirt).
Some use #000 as I understand. I’m a #0000 man, myself.

What does this mean? Where did you find that data?

We only use bronze wool because of the rusting issues w/ steel wool. In fact we’ve been using Bronze Wool Pads and I always have a piece of [url=]Bronze Steel Wool fine grade in my pouch

Tony, I’ll be honest. I’ve only tried bronze one time. It seemed to deteriorate more quickly than steel, so I didn’t buy it again because of the relative price.

I’ve used bronze wool for years now. Of course, I use it almost exclusively when dealing w/ hard water stains so it gets wet. Once steel wool gets wet it should be thrown away so there is no chance of it rusting and causing a scratch.

I use both 000 and 0000 steel wool wet, soak the glass down with sleeve or brush, and scrub, if there is any sort of abrasive grit on the glass get that off prior to the wool scrub. Steel wool is tossed in the trash at the end of job or the day or (shows signs rust they get tossed earlier) to avoid any rust related issues. I use 000 bronze wool for all my dry touch ups. The steel wool is cheaper and does not bother me to toss, the bronze is not cheap around $7.00 for a 3 pack at my local Ace H/W (WCR is $3+) and I get quite a bit of time out of each piece. Because of the high humidity here ,steel wool would rust a lot faster so I do not use it as a dry touch-up (Like when I cleaned in Northern CO). I also keep all my wool in gallon sized zip lock bags to prevent any extra moisture attacking it.

What procedure do you use to accomplish this?

If it is just regular built up dirt, lots of scrubbing with scrubber or brush, I no longer do CCU so I do not come across a lot of mortar, paint or drywall mud etc on the glass that I clean, but if one comes across things like that, one should study and educate themselves on proper tools, cleaners and techniques to safely clean the glass without causing damage as well as a signed scratch waiver in place.

I completely agree.
We were using bronze wool but it wasn’t doing anything but smearing junk around on the glass. Once we switched back to steal wool 000 grade everything came out so much better. We split a new piece between guys because of how fast it can rust. We throw out our steel wool at the end of the job if we use it excessively or at the end of day even if it isn’t used too much. No rusty wool here.


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I have primarly used dry steel wool on new french doors to remove the left over resideue from the cling stickers. You can use it dry but I like it to be wet so there isnt much drag as Im scrubbing away at the dirt.


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