Store front pricing ( I know this has been asked)

So let me point out I am not a HUGE company, yes… I still pass out cards from store to store, we have quite a few accounts that’s keeps busy… but just curious cause I know I won’t land every bid for store fronts… but lately it has been more of " Sorry, we are going to go with someone cheaper… thanks for your bid". Then you start thinking… hmmm am I expensive?.. I have heard a lot of people say for store fronts they charge 1$ per pane outside, then 2$ per pane in and out ( I do charge a little more then that)… but 1$ and 2$ seems like you don’t really make money. Also we have a car dealership that wants a bid about 267 window all ground work( I really want it) but I don’t want to be to cheap and screw myself, or to much and they so no… I am aware the dealership is commercial… let me know what some y’all are charging per pane on store fronts

$1 per pane for outside only is my baseline, but that gets modified depending on how much I have to move and reach to clean.

Big floor to ceiling single panes? 3-4 bucks per is reasonable.

Only have two windows in your shop? Still costs 10 dollars.

On the other hand, if I’ve got 36 1’×3’ panes all clustered and stacked with minimal pole work, I’ll probably knock it down to 30 cause I know it will only take me 20 minutes at max.

Charge what you need to be happy with the job. For me, I don’t worry even about individual job prices as much anymore. If I can average North of 60 an hour for the day doing route work then I’m happy. Maybe some jobs pay better and some worse for the time and effort, but such is life.


Pricing starts about 4:00.


Ya need to find out what the market will bear in your area. Also some areas are ripe for the picking and others are all sewn up. Timing is everything.


amen brutha mike


I priced my first ever regular store front at $1.25 per pane, per side. They jumped at that price and later told me I was half the price of the guy that used to do the job. Went to every surrounding store with like pricing and got laughed out the door for being way too high. It can be a crap shoot.


I would like to add to this Mike, following up on warm leads a few days later to a week later will also generate a good majority of new customers.

Having a follow up process is necessary to building a tight route.


So in this video hr is pricing in strio malls. Are single buildings such as a fast food joint or bigger restaraunts priced the same? I need a good bidding formula for places like starbucks or buffet restaraunts. For instance this Captain Ds just opened here…

My guess for a fair price for this store would be about 80 bucks.

At what schedule?

Can you tell me what you would bid per visit for both once a month and twice a month? Thanks.

You tell me.

I think 80 once a month maybe 5 or 10 less if twice a month. Im insured as well. Its 10 mins from house.


There you go.:+1:

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Yes, it sound s good.

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You should try $50 for both inside/outside every two weeks. Hands on the glass on top of working around the tables and the grease from the cooking will be fun

50 seems low. Am I wrong? Is it because its every two weeks? My first job I bid way low now I am paranoid not to do that again.

$100 a month to service the windows for the two week service schedule and helps keep the windows looking awesome, or the $80 once a month and fighting finger prints and what ever else builds up on the windows

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That makes sense. I recently did my first job and bid way too low so I am just paranoid ill do it again(you probably saw the thread about it)

Is there a more constructive way to view it?


I learned alot and it is a good account to have in order to build my skills while getting paid.