Storm windows and screens

For customers who don’t want to pay to have storm windows and/or screens cleaned, do you have them remove them before you arrive or do you still remove them? I feel that should be an extra charge if you have to spend time taking them out, and I’m assuming probably reinstalling them. If you have to take them out and put them back in, you might as well just clean them anyway. No idea. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

You should charge them a removal and installation fee. During the estimate explain and show to them the procedure to take out and replace the storm windows and screens. This takes time and sometimes they are stubborn. Let the customer decide whether it is worth their time to do this. Most likely they will let you do it. Charge accordingly. While you are at it explain that since they are spending this money to get the job done they may as well do it the right way and do the entire window for them haha.


sounds to me like these are the kind of people you definitely don’t want to work with. brace yourself. I think you’re going to loose some money.


In Massachusetts the old style storms from one window frequently do not fit on all the other windows of the same size. They tend to be off a tad and it’s a huge head ache figuring out which window they actually fit.


There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything. Check out the storm cleaning threads on this forum. Some methods are better than others. Whatever the customer is planning is not one of them. LOL


To me, no storm cleaning means no storm removal and only cleaning the interior of the main window and the exterior facing side of the storm panes, nothing in between.


What percentage of homes actually have storm windows? Do most people with newer vinyl windows not have storms? I just started putting out spring cleaning flyers today, I have not cleaned a house yet, and some of the houses I dropped flyers off to, I couldn’t tell whether there were storms or not.

Do you really run into many customers like this? Skimping on cleaning the screens or storms is sub par to clean windows.
Simple suggestion is - “I may not be the window cleaner for you.”


“I may not be the window cleaner for you.” :+1::+1:

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I think you got it right, just the exterior surfaces getting cleaned.

Of course when he’s done they’ll complain that the windows still look dirty.

You better familiarize yourself with storms quick or you’ll be in a world of hurt.

The percentage of houses with storms depends on the area and climate. In New England or northern mid-West is is probably at least 50% storms. In Florida or California probably 10% or less storms.

Even brand new or refurbished houses can have storms. Which makes no sense of course.

If they have storms quote them a price to clean storms. That only inside-outside won’t make the window look good and you’ll look bad.

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I have seen a lot of posts and YouTube videos where window cleaners say, don’t clean storm windows, they are a pain in the ass. It just doesn’t make sense they say that, they are typically on the outside, so you have to deal with them anyway. I just think if we’re providing a service, the job should be complete.
John, the only way for me to familiarize myself with storms is to actually get a job with them. I don’t know how else to learn about them.

It is easy to say you don’t do storms if your area does not have many or you have a landscaping side job (heh).

You don’t need to get a job, ask a friend or family member that has storms. Clean their windows for free. Or post an ad at the senior center offering free storm window cleaning assistance.

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I have storms on my house, which are from 1920, I find those easy. It’s the newer houses I can’t figure out. I know just looking at them as I walk by them, I should be able to tell, but I can’t. I’m doing some more flyers today, I will try to study some windows, non creepily while doing that. I know my parents don’t have storms on their windows.

What state do you clean in?

I’m in western ny. I just checked with my brother, he doesn’t have storms either. I’d love to say I would check with my friends, but I’m pushing a lot of negative people out of my life.

Volunteer to clean elderly people’s windows. You will gain experience and make networking connections. And learn to be patient with old people.

I will do that. I do have a lot of experience with old people though, I used to work in rehab technology fitting people for wheelchairs, I’ve learned to be quite patient.

We’ve got storm windows in TN, they’re really common, most of the time the home owner removed a few panels for whatever reason so you’ll have 2-3 windows without and 4 with. Not to mention the storms painted over

I just quoted a job yesterday with 29 windows and 27 had storm windows. I charge double for the storm windows and explain its about taking them off and putting back on that justifies the price. Basically they are paying for my time. If it takes 2 hours to do a job without storm windows plan on at least 4-6 with. And like others have said it depends on the storm windows. I have found 9/10 storm customers will not pay the $. Dont waste your time haggling with them. Wether you clean them or not i would still charge more…allot more to remove and replace.

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