Streaks in sunlight

I can get windows crystal clear 99% of the time, but when the sun hits them just right I can sometimes see dried streaks or smears. Is this normal or a sign of what I already know…I need to keep working on my technique?

Seems like you answered your own question! :wink:

Could be technique or to much soap that is leaving a residue or both.

Ok, thanks…I’m still tackling the learning curve…

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Good to know, thanks

Also if the window isn’t wet enough and the rubber is dragging or stopping it can leave faint marks.


working in direct sun is challenging if it is strong enough to dry your solution too quickly but…
direct sun is also the best way to confirm your quality on any window sooooo…
if you thought the window was good UNTIL the sun came round the corner that means the window only LOOKED good initially and actually ALL your windows likely have the same issues.

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What soap are you using?

omg really! soap wars!


Seriously, I had problems with ecover, but less problems with dawn. I haven’t tried joy yet.

Oh, and if you put too much of any soap in your mix, you’ll have problems as well.

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Guys if your having problem with soap dont use it. :wink:

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THIS IS NOT SOAP WARS !!! :persevere:

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Unger and a dash of ecover

Do you use pure water indoors?

Ok…more practice…

There’s a lot of good informational threads on this subject.

It depend on the condition of the glass, just depends on how dirty the glass is.

I had the same problem when I used ettore rubbers, I tried pulex hard and it doesn’t leave those smears. My Canadian supplier no longer sell hard rubbers so I tried black diamond and I don’t leave smears. Try different rubbers.

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sounds like your not feathering properly at the start if your straight pulling

Yeah, working heavy sunlight allows no margin for error…

I know I’m gonna get smacked upside the head, but look at the advice you get.
And then consider using a nice wet sponge to clear your channel.

Same principle as the "use lots of water"
because it’s going to take away those little “gritty things” that are causing the streaks.

Think about the anatomy of a streak…
It’s something getting in between the rubber and the glass.
Or a small opening/separation between rubber and glass.

So, it might be a nick, might be a tiny solid.

Either way, you will see less of it, if you add fluidity vs. rough clear your rubber with a towel.